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HDB Tampines GreenVines BTO launched in May 2018

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Part 2: Case Study: Shapes and Forms Feng Shui and HDB Tampines GreenVines

hdb tampines greenvines n Shapes and Forms FS.png1. Roads and Slips roads are like water courses and affected by Water Classics.

2. Thus amongst the four BTOs launched in May 2018; this development is the most affected by both the slip roads to TPE and the connecting road between Pasir Ris and Tampines town via Tampines Avenue 12.

3. In the same month of launch, take a look at Kim Keat Beacon arrangement. (See Below). This development has a proposed park right at the bottom of the development. And along the busy Pan-Island expressway:-

4. Yet, HDB Tampines GreenVines placed their park at the quieter under construction road = Tampines Street 62.

4.1 The planners of this development should have followed suit and place their park either parallel with Tampines Ave 12 or along the proposed TPE Slip Road:-


Awarded ONE Star. BTW, the best is FIVE (5) Stars...1257285948_HDBTAMPINESGREENVINESONESTARRATING.thumb.png.87f7307eb57507bbc2cc97b7c5dd63c7.png

Question: "Mr Geomancer why did you rate this site only 1 star?"

Mr Geo:  "I gave face to these who had purchased a unit here by giving it at least 1 star. If not, I would usually have given it ZERO stars. Got it? Get it?"

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Part 3: History of this plot of land: A virgin piece of land directly below once upon a time - Tampines Road.

In 1965, this plot of land was virgin land. Roads like Jalan Guan Choon and Jalan Sim Pah have all but disappeared. Including Tampines Road which was rerouted.

Elias Road is the only one that still exists today minus the Pasir Ris Village.

This streetmap of 1995 shows TPE replacing Tampines Road. With a new road Tampines Avenue 12 joining and leading to a “new” town Pasir Ris.


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Part 4: Male Breadwinner and the inauspicious Fire at Heaven's Gate

1. Do a search in this forum for " Fire at Heaven's Gate ".

2. Generally, a kitchen especially if a stove is directly at the NW cardinal point will be inauspicious for the male-head of the house. Typically this can affect him.

3. This is because NW under the Ba Gua Trigram belongs to the Heaven (sign). And NW also represents the male-head elder of the house.

4. Thus in simple terms: turning on a stove at NW will burn one's Heaven luck = not lucky and also may affect the male-head elder's career.

5. It is thus not difficult to visualise South facing stacks and try to locate stacks with kitchen at NW sector. Especially Flying Stars S2 facing ones.

6. I took a random sample of just two stacks: #06 and #64 with the kitchen at NW:- 


7. I can see that there are lots more stacks similar to above. Caveat Emptor: Let the buyer beware...



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Part 5A: Poor Shapes & Forms Feng Shui with the two Central Rubbish Bins (recycle + common) in RED with it's open corridor in GREEN is next to and close to the living rooms of the following stacks:-

Below: sample of one of the stacks:

Stacks = #16, #88, #118, #152 & #252 with the above layout

Part 5B: The TWO lifts are also sharing the same wall as the unit's main entrance and partial living room areas

Thus the above five stacks are less than ideal in Feng Shui.

hdb tampines greenvines n central rubbish chute.png

In essence, the combination of the two moving lifts, the central rubbish bin + it's open corridor next to the living room windows.. seems less than ideal Feng Shui situation.

Contrast this development with another development also launched in May 2018: Sengkang Fernvale Dew.

From the siteplan (see below) one will always find the two LIFTS are standalone i.e. do not share of stacks/units wall. Plus the central rubbish chute + it's corridor are away also from any stacks/units.


HDB FERNVALE DEW and Precinct Pavilion.png

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Part 6: Potential Poison arrow from stack #88 to #52 is by far the closest proximity or threat. Thus by far this is considered the worst case so far:


If the sharp corner from stack #88 aimed towards an opening (a window) of #52. Much harder to cure if it is aimed towards a living room window.

Potential Poison arrow from #48 aimed towards stack #02
Potential Poison arrow from stack 76 aimed towards stack #20 

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Part 7: Other forms of Sha Qi from block layout design

1. Some geomancers consider stack 126 as a poison arrow aimed towards stack 80.

2. Technically it is correct to say this. However, it has more to do with the flow of qi or simply in a windy condition wind can be forced between stacks #126 and #128 and since especially stack #80 is exposed, too strong a wind can affect health and wealth luck of #80 and even #82:-


3. No major issue if there is no strong winds blowing towards either stack #80 or #82.

hdb tampines greenvines n Potential poison arrows part3.png

hdb tampines greenvines n Potential poison arrows part4.png

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Part 8: Sha Qi from Strong winds and block layout

1. Good news is that hopefully one don't often get very strong winds blowing from the direction of the Red arrow towards stacks #214 and/or #216.

2. If so, during frequent windy conditions; this can affect both the luck and health of the occupants of these two stacks:-



3. See Below: Although it looks similar to the above. Fortunately for stack #150 the interior is enclosed by stacks 118, 106, 108, 110 and block 640A. Thus although I have drawn the wind trail lines.. stacks like 150, 148 are a NON-ISSUE:-



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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11 hours ago, Wendy Cham said:

Master  Cecil,

would appreciate if you can advise on the stacks with maindoor/balcony facing the drainage/水沟, are they inauspicious (割脚水)?

How about those facing the Eco park/ Mrt  track?

Many many Thanks. :)




I am just looking at Block 637B stacks 26, 28, 30 and 32. As these four stack have the same facing directions.

Under the Water Classics: 

1. These four stacks  26, 28, 30 and 32 have a facing direction of Flying Stars SW2 :-64262965_STACKS26283032Tampinesgreevines.thumb.png.58868530aa0566540c67a4082c6aad62.png

2. For a SW2 or 225 degrees facing: it is very auspicious if the drainage water flows from RIGHT to LEFT of the living room (frontage area). Or when standing inside the living room looking outwards: excellent if drainage flows from R to L. As shown below:-


3. But if the drainage flows from LEFT to RIGHT.. then Oops! Below: where the water flow as shown by red arrow(s) is inauspicious for stacks 26, 28, 30 and 32:-


4. Frankly, I have not looked at other stacks like 06, 08, 10, 12, 14 or 34 or 36. Please refrain from asking to check on these. As frankly, I have lots of other commitments and really have no time to zoom in on these stacks.

5. It is time consuming to look at the rest of the other stacks. As from the above example:-
5.1. Step 1: Plot the flying stars
5.2. Step 2: Determine the flying stars compass degree and associate it with one of the directions e.g. SW2 etc..
5.3. Step 3: Use Water Classics to determine whether the water (drainage) or river or canal water flows. R to L or L to R. It makes a world of difference, here!

6. Question: What happens if the drainage is fully covered?

6.1 Reply: Then, the drainage becomes "neutral" or neither inauspicious or auspicious. 

7. For landed properties.. there are more considerations: e.g 1st exit point (Wealth) is between 97.5  to 127.4 degrees.. etc..

7.1 The rich or the powerful will take advantage of 2nd Exit point : Power and Authority. Here, this is where the rich and powerful gets better and better... while the poor is may be always poor...as a church mice...  

Water classics.png

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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1. Landed properties can take advantage of additional Water Classics. Not just whether the water (drainage or river or canal) flows from L to R or R to L).

1.1 In this sample, unlike the earlier example of a SW2 facing stack; here, this house instead will have an advantage if the water flow is instead from LEFT to RIGHT.


1.2 Thus, the Flying Star compass degree makes a whole world of difference with the flow of water... L to R or R to L.

2. Question: What happens if say a drain flows into the sea. 

2.1 Reply: Of course there will always be high and low tides.

2.2 But the fact that majority of the time, the drain or river normally flows towards the sea.

2.3 The direction thus should be taken from the land form towards the sea.

2.4 For example, in Singapore, we have the Kallang River. And from a street map; we can usually trace the flow of water be it from a storm drain / canal towards this Kallang River.

2.5 The flow is thus in the direction of Kallang River.

3. Question: What happens if say a drain flows into a reservoir. 

3.1 Reply: Again, as the name implies.. a reservoir is a pool of water.

3.2 Thus majority of the time the drain or water would normally flow into a reservoir MOST of the time. 

3.3 Here, by default the flow direction should be from the land form towards the direction of the reservoir.

3.4 There is no excuse for water to be stagnant. If so, there is no flow direction. And GOD Knows.. a potential mosquito breeding cess pool!

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Past Ranking Exercise: Legends A to W shows the various considerations in a similar ranking exercise...


1st Choice = XXXXX XXXX

2nd Choice = XXX XX XXXX



5th Choice = XXXS

6th Choice = XXX XXXS

7th Choice = XXXS XXXK XXX

8th Choice = XXX XXXX

9th Choice = XXX XXX XXX XXX




For example please read e.g. for stack #xxAS means refer to A and S below:-

A = Afternoon sun all year round. Thus in the afternoon and early evening the home may be warm. For stack #2XXlow floors no issue. But higher floors may be affected by this.

B = Afternoon sun may soak into the master bedroom wall. Sometimes in the evening when one feels the wall, one can feel the heat coming out from the wall. (Hopefully not). And hopefully do not ooze out at 7pm to 9 pm

C = Close proximity to proposed new slip road means have to endure daily noisy traffic. Especially if the unit is at a low floor. Even higher floors.. may not be spared by the noisy traffic. Since this slip road is so close to the blocks. As Stack #xxx is also in close proximity to the slip road; most likely may also affected by the road noise as well especially for low floors.

D = There is a stigma attached to a home e.g. #XX & #XX facing a T-junction. This is because in a landed property, should a vehicle go straight it can plough into the main gate of a home at e.g. ground floor #XX. But this is a high-rise building thus no issue.
E =  Stacks #XX, #XX, #XX, #XX, #XX, #XX are most exposed or very open. Wealth may be affected during strong windy days. Thus so long as during windy days, reduce the wind into the unit is good enough.

F = Stack #XX's living room is sharing the same wall as the central rubbish bin. Not good Feng Shui as can affect luck for the family.

G = No issue since this is only the morning sun. House will generally be cool as it is not affected by afternoon sun at all.

H = Not Feng Shui. But some Chinese especially the Cantonese MAY not like a number 144 = Stack #144. Especially with the 44 meaning "die" "die". Some may also not like the number #04. But this is not Feng Shui. May or may not in the future affect resale value.

K = Low floors expect some traffic noise. Given that these stacks do face the road. Higher floors preferred as less road traffic noise.

L = #XXX is the closest to the Precinct Pavilion. Hardly can see the pavilion. Just that for low floors; should there be a wake and prayers or chants, especially the master bedroom area may hear it. Otherwise no issue. Safer to purchase a higher unit in this stack.

M = There is a sharp corner from Block 641C stack #XX aimed towards Block 641A stack #XX & vice versa. Hopefully it is not aimed towards an opening such as a window. If so, can neutralise by installing a day curtain and leaving it closed most of the time. stack #XX has a poison arrow aimed towards stack #x and vice-versa. There is also a sharp corner from stack #xxx aimed towards stack #xxx.
P = High floor at least #4 or above so that one can have an unobstructed view clearing the roof-top of Blocks 641 & 639 MSCP (multi storey car park). Plus avoiding lamp posts (if any) on the roof top. As such lamp posts, if slices into a unit's window is considered inauspicious.

S = Mr & Mrs (Both) are considered as a "West Group" persons. Thus stacks facing NW, West, NE or SW are suitable to both partnerhim. Please note that this is not the most important consideration. Thus sometimes because of other considerations and weightage, even if these stacks suits Mr & Mrs; but can be ranked lower than stacks that are not as suitable to Mr & Mrs.

T = These have their kitchen partially at NW. NW represents the male head (breadwinner) and luck from heaven. A stove can an affect male head's career and overall luck of the family = inauspicious.

U = Stack #xx might be affected by strong winds blowing between neighbouring block 638B's stack #xx and stack #xx

V = Electrical sub-station (ESS) near-by. Although there is no proof of the dangers of living close to an ESS, however there is a stigma that it is inauspicious. Therefore to be safe, best to avoid low floors of stack #xxx. In addition, stacks #xx and #xx are equally close-by to an ESS. While stack #46 is quite a distance away. But I have indicated as close-by to an ESS.

W = Indirect view of the service yard of stack #xx and #xx. When often mobs and clothes are hung to dry.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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