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Cecil Lee

Out of the 4 good locations under 8house, which is more important?

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This is an interesting question sent in by Glyn:-
" I notice that Lillian Too and you differ or am I wrong. On reviewing an eight house chart, your website states that for this particular person W= prosperity,NW = Excellent. However, she considers W = Excellent (Sheng Chi) and that the front door should be in that area and that Excellent (Fu Wei) is the least auspicious of the four good sectors. Interesting. "
This is the reply from Robert:-
Hmm. Do you know that traditional Eight House Theory (or in Chinese San Yuan Di Li - talking about Zai Yun), states that whichever is your front door direction is actually considered your Fu Wei, it is the basics of where the rest of the other directions are calculated. This Fu Wei is also called as bao xi zhi shen (or in english happiness deity). The Prosperity (sheng chi zhi shen) which represents Sheng Chi Wei.
Yes, I do agree though that it is not necessary the best direction, but do you know why this is so? Remember, that the Eight House has 4 East Direction and 4 West direction? You noticed that most of the time the main door is always " alone " and usually opposite from the the other 3 good directions (which are mostly together?). Ever wondered why?
[Key: Please note: B = Bad and G = Good]
West House group
or East House Group
Take a common house, whichever is your main door will also mean that this room is usually the " living room ". YOu will usually not find a house which when you first enter, it will not be the bedroom? (Unless it is a studio apartment or very small single apartments).
Most of the time if not always, the bedroom is at the opposite sector of the house (Or at least closed to that locaton).
If we observe, that if a house suits us, this would normally mean that your bedroom should most likely have one of the Good locations such as Longevity, Prosperity and Excellent?
Well, although it is good to have the main door falling under a good location, it is more important to have a good direction also fall in your bedroom. As we spent at least 6 or more hours sleeping.
Another point, I would like to add is that according to the traditional practices, it doesn't really specify if a particular direction is better then the other or etc. Actually, any of the 4 good directions are good. However, what is important is that each direction has a specify purpose (guided by a certain deity).
Eg. Sheng Chi Zhi Shen (Prosperity), it is stated that this direction is good for even health (jian kang), migration (yi ming), tour / holidays (lui xing), improve / better results (jin bu).
Eg. Ming Xi Zhi Shen (Longevity), it is stated that this direction is good for health (jian kang), Authority and power (guan yun), test / examination (kao shi), propose marriage (qiu hun), promotion (shen ji).
So there is no `ranking' on any of the good directions but rather, each good location has a specific `meaning' or significance attached to it. Also, the moment it is a good location, it brings good luck. Just that each functions as a different purpose for different needs. So like if you are student and you are studying for examinations or a test, you might like to face the Ming Xi Zhi Shen (Longevity) direction. In fact the Fu Wei states that this direction promotes clothings and food (yi shi), your location (di wei), and several others. Which if you notice brings the family clothings and food which is like food and shelter.
Warmest Regards
Robert Lee

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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