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Do chinese people living in other countries visit china


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Dear Anon,
In the past, countries especially in South East Asia banned their citizens from travelling to China and other communist states.
For example our passports (Singapore) were chopped with a list of countries that we were not allowed to visit.
The passport that I am holding issued in August 1991 had this statement printed:
"This passport is valid for all countries except the following unless otherwise endorsed:
Peoples Republic of China, North Korea, Democartic Kampuchea, Laos, Socialist Republic of Vietnam ".
Not long after (1992) onwards, Singaporeans no longer need `approval' to visit China.
In the past, our government `feared' the influence of communism and since birth, this was `ingrained' in many of us. Therefore, because of my earlier influence usually would think of going for holidays to `western' countries such as Europe, US or down under in Australia rather than China.
Currently, many of my friends who had visited China, found the toliet facilities in their opinion `a put off'. During communist rule, Feng Shui was banned in China.
So, in terms of interaction with Feng Shui practitioners this is "non-exisitent" in China.
With the progress made, I would certainly consider my next few holidays to places of historical Feng Shui interests.
Warmest Regards,

On 1/15/00 2:50:19 AM, Anonymous wrote:
Dear cecil,
Do chinese people who fled
china during the revolution
ever visit china. What about
you have ever been to china?
If you think it is too
personal question. Please
disregard it. Thanks.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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