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HDB Kallang Breeze BTO launched in February 2019

Cecil Lee

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Part 2:  Proximity to Precinct Pavilion (PP)

1. This is a small development thus can understand that there are limits to where the PP can be placed. If possible, select a higher floor unit for flats close to the PP.

2. One cannot control the activities in a PP. For example, on one's auspicious holiday period such as the 1st day of Chinese New Year. And if happen that a wake/funeral is on, this is not ideal. But cannot do anything.

HDB Kallang Breeze Precinct Pavilion.png

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Part 3: Bin Centre (BC) and Electrical Sub-Station (ESS)

1. The oddity is that sometimes one has to look further than the development.

1.1. This is why HDB Sales Brochures (SB) often offer clues of this. As the SB will always include the development's surroundings such as the existing BC of the neighbouring Block 19 public housing.

1.2. Best to avoid low floors under stacks 68, 70 and 72. Especially low floors of stack 70: view from Master bedroom / bedrooms and to the right of the living room windows.

1.3. For Stack 68 and 72, mostly about the concern of "smell" if any.

HDB Kallang Breeze BIN CENTRE N ESS.png

2. There are no know inauspicious effects of living close to an ESS. Nevertheless, there is always a stigma associated with one.

2.1. Thus often even for us in the Feng Shui line.. the question asked by a potential buyer is: "Is there an issue with the ESS next to the unit I intend to purchase?"

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Part 4: Kudos to the architect/planners of this development: as they have took the classic consideration of placing the Multi-storey car park (MSCP) between the development and the raised MRT tracks. 


As well as part of the MSCP is along Sims Way  (traffic noise).


In addition, the Precinct Pavilion (PP) and the Drop-of-point is also close to Traffic Sims Way.

As a result only four (4)  stacks #54, #56, #70 and #72  are nearer to Sims Way.

While stacks #58, #60 and #62 faces the MRT track. (Train noise). Fortunately, nowadays trains seems to run quieter + often reduced with sound reduction barriers.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Part 5: History of Kallang Breeze Site

1. As we know it today, this plot of land is next to the highway leading to both PIE as well as to KPE tunnel.

2. The plot sits between Lorong 3 Geylang and Sims Way:-


3. To better understand it's history, Kallang area was predominantly an industrial and flatted factory area. And further down stream towards Lavendar and Crawford was the two famous Kallang gas works.

3.1 In fact as recent as in 1995, prior to the development of HDB Kallang Heights; that plot of land was formerly a cluster of Sims Avenue Flatted factories and Geylang Avenue flatted factories.

3.2 The equavilatent of today's SME shop fronts:-


4. Otherwise, throught out 1966 to 1984, the exact site where HDB Kallang Breeze sits on is and always had been a vacant plot of land:-

5. In 1966, there is a Kampong village called Kampong Kuchai (a type of veggetable and chive-type plant used as a codiment for mee siam and sprinkled onto fried kway teow in the past)


6. In 1975 flatted factories were built between the future Kallang MRT and Lorong 3 Geylang.

6.1 Today, this site was replaced by HDB Kallang Heights apartment blocks:-




7. Question: Is it okay to be located on a vacant plot of land?

7.1 Reply: Isn't it better than finding out that the site was actually on cemetry land or a market? Thus vacant land is considered as "virgin" land.


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Part 6: Noise from Future Bus Bay977858040_KALLANGBREEZEANDBUSBAY.thumb.png.503ad99ac6c15e9bb892baa7fbd74ab5.png

1. As Lorong 3 Geylang is a minor service road, often only very few buses ply this road. Thus in general, does not affect majority of the stacks/units in this development.

2. Nevertheless, those who are thinking of purchasing a low storey unit at stacks #64, #62 and even #80 should take this into consideration in their purchase decision.

2.1. This is because buses are noisest especially when a bus has to stop and then move-off.

2.2. In addition expect more foot-traffic at the Void deck area of stack 64.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Part 7: Should I be concerned with (flow of water) of the Open Drainage Reserve (OPR)?

1. Yes indeed!


2. As an OPR can affect the wealth luck of homes facing it.

3. Thus stacks/units: #68, #70, #82, #84 and #86 should take into consideration this OPR.

4, What if the drainag reserve is covered? If so, no longer need to take this into consideration.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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2 hours ago, Tanya said:

Hi Master Lee, thank you for your analysis on this bto.

In this estate there are several stacks in the middle. Around the lifts and rubbish chute. What are your views on those stacks

1. Feng Shui accounts for only 33.33% of the total luck. The other two areas are: 1. Heaven Luck via Ba Zi and 2. Human or man luck.

2. For some, either they may have doubts about this and/or feel unease of this or get feedback from relatives and friends. Such doubts may be unsettling. And may inadvertently affect the other luck = Human or man luck. 

2.1. If one wants to find out more ... then do a search for "Holy trinity of Chinese luck"....

3. Furthermore, when it is time or should one want to sell the home; may even get low ball offers or a situation where someone may bring their FS Master and advice their client not to purchase such a unit.

4. Another common sense factor is the remote situation (TOUCH WOOD) that a unit caught fire. Here, it is not so much of what is bad for the unit (which in itself is bad luck already) but rather, that is why all units close to the lift have half-hour rated doors. To protect people along the common corridor and lifts. Anyway, for many years already, HDB provided all new homes such 1/2 fire rated doors. 

5. Although the majority of the concerns in this write-up are for condo developments, however, there is a section on common bins...


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Past Ranking Exercise. Showing an A to Z considerations for a detailed ranking exercise.


Note the alphabet at the front of the stack number : K = Kallang Breeze.
While T = Towner Crest. For example KXX means Kallang Breeze Stack #XX







For example: KXXAT = Kallang Breeze Stack #XX + Afternoon sun + Suitable facing for Mr XX.

A = Afternoon sun at an angle throughout the year at the frontage of the unit.

B = Expect afternoon sun soaking into shared wall with the master bedroom. As often, the heat may soak into the bedroom even at 6pm to 8pm onwards...

C = Proximity to Common Rubbish Bin(s). For stack T#XX, this stack/unit shares the same wall as the two bins. stack KXX is very close to the common bins. While stack KXX has a view of the two bins.

D = Expect some noise from the MRT tracks. For stack #XX (not so bad) but do expect some noise towards the rear of the unit. Good news is that hopefully the MSCP is a buffer for Kallang Breeze = which allows Block 20A's units to be further away from the MRT tracks. In addition, nowadays, train noise is lesser from newer trains. Plus often, some sound insulation panels are placed to further reduce train noise. However, often, expect more noise if the train brakes as it is near the station (towards Kallang MRT station)

E = The MSCP at Kallang Breeze is 6 storeys high. Thus avoid purchasing units below 8th storey.

F = Avoid low floors that have a view into the Precinct Pavilion. On some occassions during funerals/wakes expect chanting and rituals during these activities. For stack K#XX, try to get stacks at least 12 storeys or above (if possible).

G = Open Drainage Reserve is not an issue for these stakcs/units.

H = Low floors of Stack K#XX's master bedroom has a direct view of the existing Public Housing's Bin Centre. (Although it is the rear of the bin centre). The ESS is to the extreme right of this unit's master bedroom.

J = Stack K#XX is just beside the Bus Bay. Those avoid low units for this stack. For Stack #XX often when the bus accerrates thus expect some bus noise also at the rear of K62.

K = Low floors expect some traffic noise from Sims Way.

L = Lorong 3 Geylang is a minor road thus generally do not have much traffic. But better get a higher floor unit if one does not like the slightest road noise or noise from bus(es) travelling along this road.

M = Direct morning sun. But generally no issue with it. As by afternoon, the unit is no longer warm.

N = No issue facing a cross junction. But on some occasions some say it is not ideal. However, they do not really know that it is only inauspicious if the home is a landed property. Where once in a million, a vehicle may plough into a landed home through the front gate. This is not possible for a stack/unit at T#XX or T#XX. Please note that even if there is no issue, there is also a stigma with some who felt that it is inauspicious to face such a cross-junction. On exceptional windy days, make sure that windows are closed. Else can affect health and wealth on these days.

P = Low floors expect traffic noise.

Q = Sikh Temple is visible if one turns towards it.

R = Facing Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital

S = Next to site reserved for future high-rise residential development.

T = Mr XXX is a west group person. While XXX is an east group person. Stacks with a T are thus more suitable to Mr XXX.

U = Kitchen at NW can affect Male breadwinner's career luck. Especially that of the stove. Can still be cured.

V = Stack TXX's wall can be glaring in the afternoon for stack TXX. While Stack TXX's wall can be glaring for stack TXX in the morning. Stack XX's wall can also be glaring in the morning for stack XX.

W = Avoid low floors as the stack's frontage faces the service road leading into the estate.

Z = Electrical Sub-Station is not exactly close-by to any of the stacks/units. The closest is that of Kallang Breeze Stack K#XX. But really is still far away. Thus no concern for K#XX

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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