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Common sense 101: Can you recommend a location for the piano?

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Feng Shui Master (FSM): "Person or child plays lovely music?"

Proud Mum: "Honestly unbearable! My hubby gets irritated by this!"

FSM: "Don't want to sound cruel.. frankly this has more to do with common sense..then Feng Shui"

Proud Mum: "Why?"

FSM: "If child plays beautiful music, place the piano at a location so that the family can enjoy! But horrible music? Next to an opening such as a balcony opening.. and let the acoustics flow out of the house towards a neighbour's home" LOL


Now you know why! LOL

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Question: Here is my layout. Where do you suggest I place my lovely piano?

Attached is self-explanatory:-1451687282_WHERETOPLACEMYPIANO.thumb.png.0029f2028b88bd61b27e7495e9421fb0.png

Question: What is that YELLOW area?

Reply: Place a partition at the yellow area! Thus one can further reduce the "noise pollution" (or garbage sounds) coming out from the piano.. LOL

A major requirement is that whenever the child plays the piano, open the main door. Not just open it. Open it fully!

If child asks! Tell child! I am so proud of you. Therefore I must show off to your neighbour(s) that you play the piano.

Question: What if my child asks me why the piano cannot be placed at either of the blue boxes?

Reply: Give your child an excuse like: there is no power point to plug in the interior heater for the piano. This is because in Singapore, the weather is too humid and the heater is to vaporise the humid air.. to avoid damage to the interior of the piano.

If child is still young and not so smart... tell the child.. "You won't want mushrooms to grow out of your piano, right?


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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