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Bed Position & Direction

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Dear Master CeCil,

Like to seek your advice. 

Based on your website Bazi calculator ( and also the paid report), it states that sleep position towards west is favourable for me. ( so is my wife bazi as well also based on the calculator).  both me and my wife kua no. is 2.  

Refer to the proposed floor plan, this bed is towards east. ( where head is pointing toward east when sleeping).  If favourable sleep position is towards west, does that means i should shift the bed to the other side of the wall ?  

if shifted to the other side, the toilet door is facing our body while sleeping, should i use a wardrobe to place it to block the toilet door ? or can i leave the wardobe in current position and put other divider ? will the wardrobe now have "poision arrow" pointing at bed if shift bed to face west and wardrobe still at corner ? 

Should my living sofa be facing west as well for favourable position ? 

For info, my main door face south and the rooms windows facing north.




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