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Seeking Guidance on my Business Location


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Thank you for taking time to see my post. I would like to seek guidance on my new rented location for my business @ centropod

My window is directly facing the temple with poison arrow facing towards me, may I ask for suggestion to counter measure it? 

Kindly see the attach pictures, picture is taken from my shop door, facing towards the window. 

I'm in the beauty industry, dealing mainly with bridal/Wedding, my target audience are females?

Any advice will be much appreciate, Thank you so much! 





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  • Staff

In theory there are a few cures:

1. If the building management allows, one can place those reflective "sunX-film" to cover the entire windows or at least up to 70% above the temple's roof line + add blinds.

2. Or place a convex ba gua mirror strategically at a location facing the temple.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Thank you for your advice and guidance Master Lee! Yes, my building is convered in Sun X Flim and I'll be installing blinds in the coming renovation period?

On a strange coincidence, although I was told by my dad that the unit was not auspicious because of the "poison arrow" and quiet traffic but I have been surprisingly recieving jobs opportunities ever since I took the unit. 

Couldn't quite understand but glad that things turn out well. 

Thank you and wishes you prosperous business and good health! 

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