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Sky Everton by Sustained Land

Cecil Lee

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Hi Cecil,

Came across Sky Everton's siteplan and am wondering what are your views on properties like Sky Everton where the Transformer Room, Switch Gear Room, Consumer Switch Room, Bin Centre are across 2 of the blocks (mainly block 1 and 2)  but separated by things like the swimming pool? Under such circumstances, should units in block 1 and 2 be considered at all or it depends on which levels the units are on?

Sharing with you the siteplan - the Transformer Room, Switch Gear Room, Consumer Switch Room, Bin Centre are shaded yellow on the left side of the picture (translated by the legends on the right site of the picture163968789_sky-everton-site-plan2-Copy.thumb.JPG.a5aa17f460ceb81f9d050cbf3c9b3f58.JPG)

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  • Staff

In my opinion, these are some considerations:-

1. Frankly, so far there are no known scientific concerns with magnetic influence such as living near a transformer room. 

2. In fact, I know of many private condos where a unit is directly above such a transformer room or consumer switch room CSR. Even some newer HDB estates also do have unit(s) directly above a CSR.

3. In fact under the medical field Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), unlike X-rays there is also no known effect if one goes under the MRI. Except for those who may have "metal" such as stainless steel embedded in their body. 

4. For example, some of my clients who are dentists informed me that they have to line their X-ray machine room with "protection". For the MRI, so long as when in use, no metallic material is close-by will do.

5. Frankly, there are so many private developments (or estates) some with just 25 units to 100 units. Every such development will also have a bin centre. In fact, these sommer developments do not have a LUXURY such as you had pointed out to have the BIN Centre or Transformer room so "far away" from some of the units. 

5.1. Thus, indeed, I would personally say that it is quite a LUXURY (at Sky Everton)  to find a bin centre "so far" away from any units.

5.1.1. Just imagine, how close the bin centres especially for developments like East Bay Gardens, Sunny Palms etc.. are to all their apartments if we were to use your example for comparison:-


5.2. What about landed homes. Although they don't have a Bin Centre, they have two bins: Rubbish and Recycle. In fact, right in-front of their house (especially) to the side of the house. If this is a taboo, then I really don't know how to justify for Sky Everton. Like this might well not have a rubbish bin chute be it inside a unit or along the common corridor.

5.3. Much like the olden days where many homes do not have a toilet. And one must walk a distance away to use one: Where one squats and do business and the waste drops into the river. 

6. In Singapore, rubbish are often cleared daily and there are no strikes.. Or every day is a "durian season". 

7. No offence, it is literally a Utopian situation where we want to consume, yet, feel yucky to see or be anywhere close to waste. 

7.1. In fact, each of us have to at least do some business daily be it using the urinal or making some "chocolate cakes". This is a fact of life. This means that we ourselves are also near to "waste". The only difference is that the nose or smell area is in the opposite direction as our waste disposal "hole". LOL

8. Then tell me what is a nightmare?

8.1. Living next to / below or above a hoarder's home! The stench, the roaches, etc... Thank God! We are not. LOL

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff
13 hours ago, Blade said:

Thanks Cecil for taking the time to reply! very useful inputs to be aware off :)

One more thing I forgot to ask is - if the mdf room is on the ground floor of a block, its ok as long as it is not the unit right above the mdf room right?

Technically no issue. But in the future, if one wants to sell, hopefully no one thinks like that or majority don't think so. Else, MAY affect one's re-sale value to future proof-one's home. 

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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