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office layout

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Dear Master Lee

I would like to seek your advice for my partner's behalf. His now has a new office room but the layout does not look favourable. 

The 1 side of room with glass wall, 2 sides of the room with windows has beams and columns/pillars.

If the 45 degree from the room door is wealth position, then the wealth position has a big rectangular column and there is beams on top. I would like to know which is more feasible in my proposed Plan A or Plan B. Appreciate your advise. 

For Plan A, my considerations are:

1) Big beam over the head, 2) back is window 3) odd column 

For Plan B, my considerations are:

2)  Big beam over the head, 2) back has a space and will put a tall cabinet cabinet. 3) facing the door and i heard it is not advisable to face the door.

i intend to get crystal tower, crystal cave, lucky plant etc in the room. For crystal cave is it more advisable to put on the table or at the top of the cabinet?

Appreciate your advice. 

Best regards


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