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Cecil Lee

What if someone else website has Low traffic flow

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The site wants you to advertise FOC on theirs...

Never published... just based on My personal thoughts... 

Frankly, I rather you adopt a pay to advertise model.

    1.    This is because it is very difficult Nor practical to police your current system. 

    2.    Those who advertise at your site may never know that the purchaser of their product or service was referred from you. 

    3.    Given that if the purchaser say never tells the advertisers on your site about it. 

    4.    This is because the potential purchaser will often click and go directly to the specific site. 

    5.    What is there stopping them from purchasing at your store?

    6.    Not only you will be losing out.. but in the long term, misunderstanding, frustration and even feeling of being cheated. 

    7.    No offence, frankly, honestly, in my opinion, a “cleaner model”, I belief for you is a pay-to-advertise model.  Sorry, I am not trying to overstep, here.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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