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Help! Is my phone number suitable for me?

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Hi all

Im new here ^^ This is my first post. 
I was born in 1998, female. 

My phone number is 333. Anyone can check if it is suitable for me or not?

Btw, which color is suitable for me? Im planning buying a new motorbike.

Ths in advacne ❤️

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These are some considerations:-

1. Feel free to go to this link to generate your personal ba zi reports:-


For example, create a free profile:-


2. You will see this free Personal Ba Zi / Feng Shui Element Report:-


1755658691_samplefreepersonalbazireportkuaorguatype.png.6cd30e63294fb11f1a1b93c589b72e54.png3. The report will highlight your Kua (Gua) Type and number. Thus in this sample illustration, it is KUN. Feng Shui Lucky number is number 2.

4. You will also see your favourable elements (Colours) e.g. in the sample it shows auspicious colours as Water = blue/black/grey and Metal white/gold.

(Below: Extract from the above sample report)


5. Please note that under Chinese Numerology, there are many formulas of "producing" one's best numbers. Thus, there is really no wrong or right answers.

6. As mentioned under Para 3, above; under Feng Shui methodology, one consideration is to use one's Gua number that's all. 

6.1 Thus later, don't come and ask me why some others use a parrot to pick a number for you. ? LOL

6.2. Or like for some... they write down on paper 1 to 10. and fold these up. And like lotto, pick the individual numbers. 

6.3. There are really lots, of numerology formulas, please. If you like to use that specific system. And if you have any questions, please remember to ask the horses mouth directly. ? 

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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