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Cecil Lee

FAQ: Can I install a ceiling fan above our dining table?

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FAQ: Can I install a ceiling fan above our dining table?

1. In recent years, more and more people have installed a ceiling fan above their dining table.

2. Often also on my many Can or cannot buy reviews, some  potential sellers or re-sale homes have one directly above their dining table.

3. Is this a Feng Shui consideration?

4. Frankly, in my opinion, this has more to do with two areas:

[A.] Some degree of common sense
[B.] Past Taboos
[C.] "Bad mouthing"

[A.] Some degree of common sense

4.1 In the past, some people had the belief that food should not be cold or rather, one should consume warm food.

4.2 Thus turning on a fan at the dining table means that often, the food gets cold easily. Thus this can affect the health of family members.

[B.] Past Taboos

4.3 Taboo or belief that serving cold food = loss of wealth or poor financial health.

4.3.1 Frankly, if someone has a strong belief such as things like "poor health" and/or "loss of wealth". It may be hard to shake-off these doubts or beliefs for some of us.

4.3.2 The best approach is therefore to check with immediate family members if they have any concerns (real or unreal) if any.


[C.] "Bad mouthing"

4.4. Master, I installed the ceiling fan based on your advice that it is Okay.

4.5. But unfortunately, I am at a loss now and highly disturbed. This was because my mum, my sister-in-law, my aunties and many of my friends say the same thing: "Very inauspicious to install such a fan".

4.6. Please EXPLAIN!


4.7. An understanding response...


5. Feng Shui is about Earth Luck!

6. Like the client's feeling.. "So hot how to eat" ... is based on another form of luck = Man or Human Luck! (Feeling good).

7. Another benefit is that good for air-circulation.

8. In modern times, not only do we have the AC fan. There is another inverter type of fan .. called DC fan.

9. DC fans were invented only very recently. And one good thing about it is that many models can also "suck air" upwards and circulate air towards the side... thus, air or wind is not blown down towards the food.... brillant right?

10. As mentioned, earlier.. as I mentioned, if one's mentality is: "Hey! None of your business! I like to do what I want.. this is my house not yours!" Then go ahead... install that fan.

11. But if one has doubts after installing it.... then do forget having the fan. Alternatively, why can't you don't turn on the fan.. during meals?

12. Oops! But if one is a believer of: " the centre mass is pressing against the dining table... no good right"... then why bother to install that fan?

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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