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Cecil Lee

Who provided the specifications for this condo main door + door frame. Needs to be shot!

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1. I shall not name this condo development. (It is close to Botanic Gardens.)

2. This condo T.O.P. in 2004. [Around 15 + years old today].

3. Frankly, relatively quite new as compared to many other condos.

4. However, it is surprising to find a square servicing ceiling panel directly outside each unit's door.

4.1 Left: Can you see a faint square outlines?
Right: Have highlighted the access panel in RED:-

43CBE7D3-C633-4275-BA54-2BE257F03750.jpegceiling service panel.jpeg

4.2 A photo of the access panel of a different unit:-


5. Can you see the stain marks on the main entrance door near to the frame of the door in this unit:-


5.1. This is another unit. And the stains are more obvious:-


5.2 These stains normally do not happen by accident.

5.3. Common sense, I strongly believe it may come from water leaks.

5.4. Putting two and two together, most likely if one opens the ceiling service panel it should contain some water pipes or even drainage pipes.

6. Many conservative Feng Shui Masters will definitely say that it is not good to have utility water pipes of any sort... running above the main door.

6.1. Here, for the practical person with or without Feng Shui, knows that it has more to do with common sense!

6.2. Under Symbolism in Feng Shui also not really good.

7. This is a case of a lousy planner and/or architect or designer who planned the design of the main door.

8. Look, here, the door may when new looks classy.. but who in the right mind add wood panels on the door handle?

8.1. Especially at the most used or vulnerable area of the door.. that needs to be able to take abuse!

8.2. Below: Photo shows a sample of one of the door frame and the door handle.. a sight for sore eyes!


8.3. The doors and door panels are of soft-wood.. which cannot take normal wear and tear!


9. The maxim: "Even if one does not stay there, one should do always do your best!"


P.S. This suppose to be a Freehold condo. But looks so....

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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