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Is this house considered T Junction house?

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1. Technically, Singapore is a right-hand drive country. 

1.1. Thus in normal circumstances, very unlikely for a vehicle to plough straight into the compound of that house. 

1.2 Common sense consideration is based on Para 1.1.

1.2.1. Cars turning at right angles at a slow pace + the actual house or living areas are deep in is no concern of Sha Qi energy, here also.

1.3. If you are concerned, there will always be others who will be equally consider it a stigma if a house at a T-junction.

1.3.1 The truth is that it really is. But how many care of know to look at a Right or left hand drive country? A stigma is a stigma. 

1.4. If house is on a NE-SW alignment on a path with a Temple... may be affected by malevolent forces.

2. You wrote: How's the feng shui for this house? 
2.1. It is truly amazing how just one circled photo can tell.. so much... Look below...

2.2. All you ever want to know about this house can be found under the First Habit, below..


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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