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My opinion is could you suggest me one or two condo with good fengshui. After that i will consult with you the stake.

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My opinion is could you suggest me one or two condo with good fengshui.
After that i will consult with you the  stake.

1. There are just too many condos big and small.
Each has its good and bad units.


1.1. So what if it is a good condo. But the unit has poor Feng Shui?

Frankly, I am not like an Agent. I don't do such things.

2. Furthermore, if one is looking at re-sale condo units; there are three situations:

2.1. ONE: There are limitations for the sale at ECs. Thus so what if there are good units but none can be sold in the open market! (ECs need to reach five years for it to be eligible for sale by the owners).

2.2. TWO: These not like brand new homes for sale. Assuming if no sellers of good units; then what's the point of ... ???

2.3. THREE: Such questions are akin to many questions: "Can you tell me which area of Singapore has better Feng Shui?"

2.3.1. In general district 15 and district 10! But this does not take into: Location, location, location!

2.3.2. Many homes under these two districts and especially choice locations command higher prices. 

2.3.3. Don't later say.. so sorry, I know these are good locations. But my budget does not allow me to...

Starters kit:


On-site re-sale:

Off-site re-sale:

Brand new (Just launched):



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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