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HDB Canberra Vista BTO @ Sembawang Launched in February 2020

Cecil Lee

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Part 1: HDB's vision for Canberra Vista:

1.png.b2d8abbf971ce69028c1cb431233a7f4.pngA Retreat To Call Home 

2-room Flexi, 3-, 4-, 5-room, and 3Gen flats   

Located along Canberra Drive, Canberra Vista  will comprise 15 ten-storey residential blocks. You can choose from 1,467 units of 2-room Flexi, 3-, 4-, 5-room, and 3Gen flats. 

2.png.2f1f1fb0a165e2b13486a12620e50713.pngCanberra Vista is conveniently located next to Canberra MRT station and across the road from the upcoming Canberra Plaza neighbourhood centre. You can enjoy a variety of shopping and dining options at the nearby Sembawang Shopping Centre, and a multitude of eating places along Sembawang Road. 

Adorned with lush landscaping, Canberra Vista is named after its design as a home amid nature, with many green spaces within the estate. The roof gardens above the Multi-storey Car Parks and playgrounds will serve as communal spaces where you can mingle with your family and neighbours. Unwind after a hard day's work by stretching those tired muscles at the fitness stations at your doorstep or enjoy a jog along the adjacent Yishun Park Connector and Sungei Simpang Kiri. 

3.png.5c770b80eb19e565a89ee3b6c1bacf50.pngA childcare centre and a Residents' Committee Centre will also be located within the development. Please refer to the site plan for the facilities provided in the development. Facilities in this development will be open to public. 

Part 2: HDB's resources on Canberra Vista

layoutideas_sb_n2c3_2(1).pnglayoutideas_sb_n2c3_2(2) (1).pnglayoutideas_sb_n2c3_2(2).pnglayoutideas_sb_n2c3_3(2).pnglayoutideas_sb_n2c3_3(3).pnglayoutideas_sb_n2c3_4(1).pnglayoutideas_sb_n2c3_5(1).pngsiteplan_sb_n2c3.pngtownmap_sb_n2c3.png

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 2: An eye-ball look at the layouts of this estate suggests that there are some stacks/units that may be affected by the inauspicious Fire at Heaven's Gate.

1. What is the inauspicious Fire at Heaven's Gate?

1460187054_fireatheavensgate.thumb.png.a3dbf4e2d23f3ecfec8684756093a85c.png2. Fortunately, the three specific 3 Generation flats: stacks #307, #409 and #429 facing Sungei Simpang Kiri/Yishun Sapphire with or without including the 3rd generation flat are not affected by the Fire at Heaven's Gate.

2.1. As the kitchen is mainly at West cardinal point:-

2.1.1. In red the whole unit inclusive of the 3rd generation room.
2.1.2. In purple, purely the actual unit less the 3rd generation room.


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 4A: Homes (Stacks/units) facing a water position be it an open drainage reserve or a canal or a sungei (river) is governed by the concept of the Water Classics.

1. The key elements of the Water Classics are:-

1.1. Compass directions
1.2. Drainage or river water = there is a difference between flow from left to right or right to left of a development.

1594693973_Canberravistawaterclassics2.thumb.png.ca44fb93be69cac752b3c08b699854ed.png2. Thus for example, thus if one is considering purchasing stacks such as #107, #109, #111 and #113 all the more vigilant. However, if the drainage is fully covered, this is considered neutral. Thus no issue.

3. Below: Under Flying Star Feng Shui, Block 376A Stacks #107, #109, #111 & #113 faces NW3 328 degrees (which falls within 322.5 to 337.4 degrees).


4. Below: Extract from Geomancy.net's Group Report which charts the which direction should the correct water flow be for auspicious luck:-


4.1 Block 376A Stacks #107, #109, #111 & #113 falls under Flying Star NW3 facing direction. Thus under the Water Classics Feng Shui; when standing inside the living room looking outwards, water flow (be it an open drainage reserve or river)

4.2 Discounting high-low tides, generally, the drainage reserve would normally flow towards the sea.

5. If so, if one were to stand inside the living room of stack #111; for auspicious luck, the water flow should instead be from RIGHT to LEFT.

5.1. And not LEFT to RIGHT as shown, below:-


5.2. Thus under the Water Classics, Block 376A Stacks #107, #109, #111 & #113's drainage flow is inauspicious.

6. Overview of the drainage of the area: showing the location of Canberra Vista (indicator is it is next to Canberra NS12 MRT station).

6.1. And Majority of the time, common sense says the trail of water drainage should normally be flowing towards the sea. 


Case Study 4B: Fortunately, (see below) although the Water Classics should be considered, however, as such units are facing real water, there is much room or buffer to begin with. 

1. And more often than not, it's advantages (facing real water) supersedes or negates the concern of water flow.. left to right or right to left of the frontage, most of the time.


2. Stacks: 305 307 377 379 407 409 427 429 facing Sungei Simpang Kiri

2.1. Generally, water flow from this river (Sungei) is towards the sea.

2.2. Thus for Stacks: 305 307 377 379 407 409 427 429; most of the time (other than certain conditions of the tide) water should flow towards Kiri (left): assuming we are standing inside the living room looking out towards the river.

3. However, under the Water Classics, best that the water flows from left to right INSTEAD. 

4. Fortunately, as mentioned earlier, as this is a real river; more forgiving to such stacks/units. Given that Location, location, location or L x 3 accounts for a whopping 70% of the total Feng Shui luck of each unit.

2. 926376581_canberravistaflyingstarandwaterclassics.thumb.png.3d2fc77d36b90c80a37f8d2826056324.png

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 5: Potential Sha Qi from a "long corridor" towards a unit's main entrance door

1. Potential Sha Qi if there is a long corridor aimed towards a unit's main entrance:


2. For stack #389. Less of a concern given that the direct corridor is just a short length.

3. In blue legend (see below) = No issue. 


Note: Please note that the above are samples and may not be just the stacks/units involved.

Do study the stack/unit that you are eyeing and do the same due diligence, please.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 6A: Please check where is the common bins in relation to the unit's frontage or main door.

187460541_Canberravistaandcommonbins1.png.940fcd5ef4cc37fdbc7f1c925ff09ca9.png1. If location in red are low see through railings: Standing at the main entrance of stack/units 107 and 109 can see the common bin lobby. This is best to be avoided.

2. Below: Stack/unit's frontage = master bedroom windows are close-by to the common bin lobby and bins.

2.1. Just imagine someone leaving durian shells at the common bin lobby. And if one leaves the master bedroom / bedroom windows; in certain circumstances... one might even smell the durian flavour.


3. As the frontage of the home (living room/bedroom side) is important, let it not be close to the common bin lobby / bin area.

3.1. In addition, when it is time to re-sell the unit; hopefully this does not become a potential issue to the seller of the unit.

Case Study 6B: Equally depressing to find stacks #295, #397 & #417's main entrance is close-by to the common bin lobby (CBL).

1. Even #293, #395 and #415 are also not spared being close proximity to the CBL.

2. Although stacks #297, #399 & #419 are further away; it would be nice if the CBL can be further and further away!



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 7: HDB Canberra Vista's stack/unit numbering system uses all odd numbers.

1. As this development's stacks/units use only odd numbering system. This is a blessing in disguise.

2. As there no possibility of having unit numbers like #404 or #414 or #444!

2.1 Below: Good that all the 4xx units don't have the infamous #4 as it's last digit number!

1358440178_Canberravistaand414.png.90653e800a22845af8740d7ad07e506e.png3. Contrast this with HDB Kim Keat Ripples. Where one can find stacks such as #444 or #414.

4. Imagine owning a unit #14-444 or #04-444. 

4.1. Even if one is neutral to such numbers. In a future re-sale situation, the potential buyer(s) may not be too keen on your unit.

4.2. Some even have the "cheek" to try and give a "low-ball" offer.

4.3. It is interesting to note that Block 376C has conveniently left out a stack #144. Thus there is 143, 145 only.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 8: Do you know that even if a geomancer says that the site is excellent, all sites are still govern by the concept of the Bell Curve

1016030592_THEBELLCURVE(1).png.6bd8421a800bf571c5f03c1f9fa4a481.png1. Remember, even if a geomancer says that this is a good development. However, a good unit also depends on where it is within the development:

2. Is your potential unit under the Good, the Bad or the Ugly?


3. Often if one is lucky, even if the unit is not so fantastic superficially. Some units are like an unpolished gem. While others unfortunately may be a hopeless rotten apple.

1223152688_unpolishedgemorlemon.png.abb51c55256cd4cbcda8809d95be7a7a.thumb.png.60f198235c0ec9fd543d82bb3bdb9a0a.png3.1. Just imagine, if the unit is like a 10 year old rundown 1,000 cc car. Even a good Feng Shui Master is unable to turn it into a good unit!  

4. Under Habit 1, one possibility is by ranking one's bedroom type by stack/unit: 1st choice, 2nd choice etc... 


Reference: Habit 1 can be found under this link:-


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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769932874_ladenwithdebt.thumb.png.45f77c884eb4ef135e74e54a6c2f3cb3.pngFeng Shui suffers a bad reputation, today.

As many Feng Shui Masters are themselves a Feng Shui Store.

Their core business is not authentic Feng Shui.

But rather making big bucks by selling lots of useless commercial products in the name of Feng Shui.

Please recognise, this.

Please give me a good reason not to buy such products. Here's one:-



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 9A: Should I be concerned purchasing a unit facing the entry/exit into the estate?

1. Stack #141:

1.1. Blessing in disguise that Stack #141 is not directly at the entry/exit of the estate.

1.2. The only discomfort is that this stack is directly facing or looking towards it's mouth.

1.3. As Stack #141 is slated close to 45 degrees to this service road, in theory no issue of a threat or sha qi.

1.4. However, even if vehicles travel at a slow pace within this service road, best to get a unit that is higher than at least 4th storeys and above.1501882683_canberravistashaqifromentryexitserviceroad.thumb.png.bba394a7eb236af8cf3628b29769cc45.png

1.5. In theory, stack #169's frontage is not facing the estate service road. Only the master bedroom wall is directly along the turn of the entry / exit.

1.6. Again, there should not be an issue. Other than slight vehicle noise when negotiating out of this estate. To be on the safe side, get a higher unit is preferred.

Case Study 9B:  Potential Future Bus Bay any concern?

1. Stack #109 directly faces this potential future bus bay. While #125 is quite close.

2. Often, it is the start, stop/braking and moving-off of buses that makes the greatest noise. 

3. Best to avoid purchasing a unit at #109. Or at least get a unit perhaps higher than 6 or more storeys high. Same for stack #125 which is pretty close to this bus-bay.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 10: Sample of By Ranking Exercise for 4 bedrooms (Personalised to Breadwinner Mr ABCD)

By Ranking of 4 Bedrooms @ HDB for Mr XXXXX and Madam XXXXX

1st Choice = +1XXAH  

2nd Choice = +4XXAT +4XX 

3rd Choice = *1XXE +3XXVX +4XXL +4XX +4XX

4th Choice = *3XXDQU *3XXDU +4XXA 

5th Choice =  +3XXD *3XX +3XXAMQY +4XXA +4XXA +4XXA 

6th Choice = +1XXABF *3XXBEP +3XXA +3XXAFK

7th Choice = *1XXS *1XXDL *1XXCDEL  *2XXDEN +3XXD *3XXPQ +3XXAB 


9th Choice =  +1XXABLR +2XXA *3X5J +39X3C +3X3AFGKP +3XXAFGK

Last Resort = *133CDEQ +295ABCS +397ABCHMT +417ABC


* = Stack/unit direction suitable to Mr XXXXX (North, South or SE facing). 
+ = While Madam XXXXX is a West Group. 
(However, please note that this is very general and does not take into other considerations like Location, location, location etc...)

A = Expect afternoon sun all year round at the frontage of the unit. Usually,  high floors will encounter more afternoon sun. For stacks 4XX, 4XX, 4XX and 4XX  usually only higher floors affected by the afternoon sun.

B = Expect afternoon sun soaking into the master bedroom wall. And on a sunny day and in the evening, can expect the heat oozing out heat into the master bedroom wall. 

C = Main door is in close proximity to the Common Bin Lobby (CBL). Fortunately, these bins and lobby opening is closer to the 5 bedroom type units. However, sometimes in a future resale, some potential buyers may find this as a concern as these units share the same wall or proximity to them. For stack 2XX no concern or no issue as it is further buffered by the emergency stairwell.

D = Very close proximity to raised MRT track (noise). Frankly, the rest of the estate units may also hear the rumble of the train movements as well. Fortunately, today's MRT trains seems to run quieter and often LTA places sound buffer panels to further reduce such noise. Nevertheless high floors preferred, here. 

E = Kitchen at the inauspicious NW location or commonly known as "Fire@Heaven's Gate". This can often affect the Male breadwinner's career and also whole of the family's luck. Which means small or no luck at all. Can often be balanced especially if the stove is not immediately at the NW cardinal point..

F = Low floors expect some traffic noise as unit is facing Tampines Avenue 5. Preference for higher floors (if possible).

G = Avoid low floors as stack is close to the possible bus bay/stop to avoid the start and stop of bus movements..

H = Avoid low floors as the unit yard is close to the Precinct Pavilion [PP]. And sometimes during a wake expect religious rituals being performed at this PP. Get a unit at High Floors at least 7th storey and above preferred, here. If no high floors, try to get a unit that is at least 6th storey and above. For stacks 1XX and 1XX try to get high floors to avoid a view into the PP.  For 1XX this is the 1st choice provided a high floor unit is selected only.

J = Stack/unit's main door faces a long corridor. Where possible avoid such a stack/unit = 3XX. For stack 3XX fortunately it is recessed away from this long corridor, thus okay or no issue.

K = Expect around 2 1/2 years of construction noise and dust across the road from the site reserved for future high rise residential development.

L =Do expect slight (some glare bounced-off) from  a neighbouring block's facade wall. This also depends on paint colour used on the external walls. External walls with light colours like white or beige can be highly reflective and glaring, here. For example for stack 1XX is from stack 1XX.

M = Higher than 7th floors and above to clear the roof of the Mutli Storey Car Park (MSCP).

N = There is no known issue with the unit  sharing the same wall as the two sets of lifts. In fact, sometimes it is a blessing in disguise. Given that the lift-wells are strongest re-inforced structures in a block. 

P = For stacks 2XX and 3XX although unit's main entrance door faces the emergency exit staircase/door; by law this door must be closed at all times. It is only an issue if such a door is left open all the time. For stacks 1XX 1XX 3XX 3XX quite odd to find the emergency exit door just beside/or close to the main entrance.

Q = Unit door face a neighbour's door. Usually no major issue unless the neighbour places a specific type of ba gua mirror at your unit and or if their altar (if any) is directly facing out of their main door. Thus this is beyond one's control. For stacks 369 and 371 they are quite a distance apart.

R = Sha qi from block/stack 1XX aimed towards 1XX master and bedroom 2. Unable to confirm exactly at the moment. Best to be physicaly onsite to confirm.

S = Potential poison arrow from sharp corner of neighbouring stack 1XX aimed towards 1XX master / bedroom 2. For stack 2XX there is a sharp corner from stack 2XX aimed towards most likely bedroom 2 or 3.

T = Although you highlighted: "4XX, 4XX, 3XX, 3XX is near carpark also.. we will avoid too". However, stack 41X is one of the better stacks in this development = ranked as high as the 2nd choice. Consider high floors if available, here. Else if lower than 7th storeys high, look elsewhere.

U = Stacks 3XX and 3XX, especially stack 3XX could have been ranked higher if not for it's close proximity and facing the MRT. If not much choice and there are still lots of high or (highest floors) here, may consider a unit, here.

V = There is a wider opening between stacks  3XX and 4XX to allow Stack 3XX an acute view towards Sungei Simpang Kiri  

X = Stack 3XX would have been selected as the 1st or even the 2nd choice if not for the common bin lobby being so close to stack/unit's main entrance area!

Please go to this link to check a unit's specific address ... good or bad...:-

How can we help you today?


Comprehensive Home Package [A.]: On-site or [B.]: Off-site for HDB / Condo / EC & Landed Properties for New/Re-Sale House or facing financial/ marriage/ relationship/ health issues


Do you offer a 1 visit On-site audit? How much?


" As much as we see, Geomancy.net has great web presence built up over the years and is seen as one of the SG market leaders in residential house audit. "

Success starts with good Feng Shui

Transparent Pricing & No Hidden Costs. No Purchase of Products.

 WHATSAPPx.gif.933b1f171b62310142ae17b5501fc685.gif Cecil Lee, +65 9785-3171 / support@geomancy.net



House Hunting? We will help you select the most auspicious unit!
Learn More

The Experts in House Hunting


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Good day Master Cecil.

Seeking some clarification and hopefully some guidance.

We have booked 355 few years ago and came to learn about Feng Shui recently, also Fire at Heaven's Gate at NW direction.

Is attached image correct to say that the 355's Kitchen is in the NW direction, therefore the Kitchen is badly located?

And should wife be the main breadwinner instead of the husband, would it affect the wife more instead?

Not sure if it helps but, husband's life gua number is 2 and wife gua number is 7.

Since we already booked the flat and will not be changing flats any time soon, can you please advise some suggestions, perhaps to alleviate the fire if required?

Stove will most likely be electrical if it matters.

Appreciate your guidance, and thank you for your time.




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  • Staff



From Day 1, we share your concern
We will never sell you any products!


Many Feng Shui Masters are a Feng Shui Store in disguise
Beware: Even those who claim to have a Feng Shui lineage are equally guilty of this


Ask: "Must I buy from you?"

Find out more...

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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