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Cecil Lee

We need your help. Do you have an ebrochure of a brand new development?

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Hi Everyone,

1. Often, I visit the new development or related sites. No site plan / floor plans available.

2. Frankly, due to my busy work schedule; many times, either I re-visited = not available yet. 

2.1. Or missed visiting again and again. 

2.2. And by the time I got hold of the site plan/floor plans.. I may be busy again.

3. As a result, either delayed reviews or sorry, skip it. There and then.


4. Cannot find a review of a new development, here?

5. There are one of two ways you can help:-

a. Found a website that has a comprehensive site plan & floor plans?


1999110898_ebrochureHELP.thumb.png.817aa8881da4b0507add710814967ef3.pngb. You have the ebrochure? 

6. Sent it to us!

Thank You in Advance!





Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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