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  1. 953092685_HANDBOOKOFNON-RELIGIOUSCHINESECUSTOMSFORYOURNEWORRE-SALEHOME_1.png.28532ce495622902bc94519dbc252324.png

    2020: Handbook of Non-Religious Chinese Customs for your New or Re-Sale Home e-Book (2020 Edition)

    1. This is a Comprehensive, Step-by-Step Guide to First Time Open Door, Start of Renovations and Move-in.
  2. 58758013c1ca5_FullSizeRender2.jpg.f6c13672d04853b293ca0d5e454eb423.jpg.f86ce00b28341d98183c5bacc2d38452.jpg

    2016: My Home: Mirrors: e-Book 1 (1st Edition)

    Everything you need to know about Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces
  3. 58757db3e6ca7_FullSizeRender2.jpg.da8a20fa7ee329b99b937e49fd5a6d6a.jpg.b956825270bcadb4a62996ffc09a2b21.jpg

    2016: Flying Stars: Using an Ordinary Compass: e-Book 1 (1st Edition)

    A three prong approach to finding accurate compass readings
  4. book-fse2000160x120.jpg.20ca9271ab3cf545a8e475adbaf606cf.jpg

    2000: The Feng Shui Encyclopedia 2000 e-Book (1st Edition)

    This book contains over 800 Questions and Answers. Giving a total of 97 topics which has been arranged in A to Z for easy reference and learning.
  5. book-101fsv1160x120.jpg.d288f86005586f33f3a729f8252b0098.jpg

    1999: 101 Authentic Feng Shui Tips & Fixes: Volume 1 e-Book (1st Edition)

    This book contains Tips and Fixes compiled from advice given to Geomancy Forum:-
  6. book-appliedfs160x120.jpg.f9f9d3fae780a11e2f222f64839915aa.jpg

    1999: Applied Feng Shui Made Easy e-Book (1st Edition)

    Applied Feng Shui Made Easy is an Excellent book providing you with a solid foundation on Feng Shui, Theories, Principles and Applications.
  7. book-funfs160x120.jpg.fe6da73ec47f7303be2cf20905d7af48.jpg

    1996: Fun with Feng Shui e-Book (4th Edition)

    This book contains selected parts of the Award Winning website Fun with Feng Shui (Edition 3).


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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