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1. There was also a previous posting on this subject matter.

2. All the "rule-set" were in my opinion, very rigid and often leaves one scratching one's head especially for the Chinese and Chinese culture/community of today. [Seems so unjustified and close to non-sensical. LOL)

3. I personally feel that each and every family should examine their personal "system" if any.

4. Today, for example, there are fewer and fewer Matriarchs (simply an older woman who is powerful within a family).

5.  If one has such a family member, than this is the person to turn to. Here, this person can dictate or write-off such taboos.

6. In the past, when I brought this up to a forum user who had posted similar questions. Indeed, the reason why they turned to seek advice, here was that his/her family does not have such a person. 

7. Actually not true in a sense.

8. I personally feel how each and every Chinese should do is to check with one's elders. Be it one's parents. Who subsequently may check with their parents or parent (who is alive).

9. So long as they give YOU their blessings, then all these Chinese taboos... can literally be washed away!

10. Instead of so many Indian chiefs; just focus on the GROOMs parents. Who in this case, have two sons could have being married same year.

11. In many of the forum postings, I always go with the logic of common sense = has this "Feng Shui thing" to do with it? If no, then ...

12. Same here. I personally don't seem to be able to relate this to common sense at all!. Purely due to superstition and taboo!

I say: "We are of a different era from our Chinese forefathers. We (our elders) should be able to decide for the good and happiness of our family without carrying any "old mother hen-baggage" tales."

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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16 minutes ago, Qbe said:

Hi Master Cecil Lee,

Thank you for your reply! Your advice makes so much sense and helps to put both families' minds at peace. With blessings from the parents of both families, we will look forward to both weddings soon. 



Nearly a football team-:)


I am also delighted to hear this good news! 

Augurs a good start and lots of blessings of both couples + families + loved ones!


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 1: What are the possible reasons for this taboo?

448779320_donttellmeyoualsowanttogetmarriedthisyear.thumb.png.ba9f42bc7094ed95eaae7be5dc7b6dfe.png1. In the past, perhaps family sizes are large especially in agrarian society + not everyone is rich.

2. Thus it can be a burden to the groom's side if more than one son gets married.

3. As traditionally, the bride marries into the groom's family and not the other way around.

4. And also the dowry that the groom side has to give to the bride's side. Multiply it by two (two sons marriage) and it can become a real burden.

5. Plus the need to squeeze another room for each bride+groom. 

6. Perhaps, these are some of the reasons for this taboo of not having more than two sons married in the same year.

7. Not so bad, but I seem to find the comical semblance to our recent political history of a PM, after an election said that if there are more oppositions, he has to find time to... "fix" something.

patriarch.thumb.png.9273fdefccb90b55a3611b41cf2dc872.png8. Maybe some Matriarch may come to the same conclusion - not exactly fix but in some instances "tame" two more "outsiders. LOL

What's your take? Nowadays, even if one marries into a family... it is temporary perhaps the couple has to wait for their BTO to be ready... LOL 

It is not like staying with the in-laws forever, right?

P.S. Malays have a different approach. When the daughter marries a man, the man (was) suppose to stay with the mother-in-law. This is to ensure a 100% thing that her daughter will never be "ill-treated". LOL

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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