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Hi Master Lee,

Would like your advice on a HDB facing T-Junction area. I understand that from a scientific point of view, a vehicle that run amok will be unlikely to crash into the HDB. Would like your thoughts if the below unit will be affected by poison arrow or sha-qi from the junction. 

1) The unit is on the 5th floor

2) The building is facing the cross junction, around 10-20 meters away and traffic can be a little heavy, however the noise level is acceptable for me.  At the front of the building there is a round circular park, a signboard and trees. Is this considered a good buffer to block sha-qi?

3) The facing of the front door of the unit is against the flow of vehicles at the y-junction. Is this good or bad? 

Thanks and Best Regards,



HDB at cross junction.jpg

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These are some considerations:

1. In my opinion, the many previous discussions are specifically that of T-junctions + vehicles which may once in a million run-amok.

2. There are also discussions and comments of Cross-junctions (X-junctions). 

2.1. Please note that homes facing cross-junctions besides often hearing screeching of brakes or clash of metal (vehicles or bikes = kissing each other). Can be unpleasant to hear.

2.2. Some believe that some traffic junctions are considered "dirty" .... 

3. For Cross-junctions, there is another category of risks: that of malignant forces.

4. Here, unfortunately the risks are higher of someone dying as a result of a fatal accident at Cross-junctions. Thru time, some junctions are prone to such things. 

5. Thus even if the unit is at 5th storey and especially if one or more of the household is having a low-ebb of low AURA, and or in some circumstances attracted to a child, then there is a risk of such things.

6. Similar to the occupational hazard of a Feng Shui Master. 

6.1. There is always an off-chance that we may encounter such things during our auditing of homes / offices, commercial premises. 

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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