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Feng Shui of Parc Life Executive Condo (EC)

Cecil Lee

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Parc Life EC T.O.P. in April 2018

Expected Minimum Occupation Period (M.O.P.) around 2023

Is my Period 8 house still lucky from 2024 till 2043?

In Summary,

Majority of the Blocks such as  21, 23, 25, 27, 29 31 & 33 are either N1 or S1 facing

N1  [Less lucky under Period 9. As formerly double #8's at it's frontage at South]
S1 [Unlucky under Period 8. Depends on where is the living room & external features.]


1.  Parc Life EC T.O.P. in 2018 and is considered as born in Period 8.

2. Thus, even if there is a transition or change of period from Period 8 to 9, the Flying Star Chart or Feng Shui birth chart will remain as a Period 8 chart.

2.1. The only difference is that the wealth luck has now changed from #8's to #9's.

3. Majority of the Blocks in this development are either N1 or S1.

3.1.  Both N1 & S1 are overall less lucky than when the 1st owner collected the keys. Especially lucky during that time was the North or N1 stacks/units.

4. Under House Hunting considerations, units in Parc Life EC can be graded under two Parts:

4.1. Part 1 : Location, location, location = External + Internal = 70%
4.2. Part 2: The Three (3) Major Considerations: Frontage, Kitchen and Main Bedroom = 30%


4.3. TODAY once unit is considered unsuitable to the breadwinner with a score of either zero out of 30 marks or just 10 marks out of 30; could mean the unit may be overall graded as a C+ (Just Pass) or C (Fail grade).


5. Often there is a difference between a non-mirrored layout vs a mirrored one. This can definitely affect this score depending on whether if one is of an East vs a West Group.

House Huntiing? Buying a unit at Wandervale EC?

Need Help?

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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