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HDB Alexandra Vale BTO launched in August 2022

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HDB Alexandra Vale Sales Brochure: Alexandra_Vale.pdf


Alexandra Vale (Aug 2022 Build-To-Order)
Bukit Merah

Alexandra Vale  is located along Alexandra View and is just a stone’s throw away from Redhill MRT station. It consists of 2 residential blocks, with each block ranging from 41 to 50 storeys high. One of the blocks will house some rental flats. You can choose from 782 units of 3- and 4-room flats. This development is offered under the Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) model.

The development’s towering residential blocks, terracing form of the Multi-Storey Car Park (MCSP), and lush landscaped greenery, create a green, valley-like space that inspires the name ‘Alexandra Vale’. The roof garden atop the MSCP cascades down towards the landscaped grounds, where existing mature trees have been retained, where possible.

The development comes with a childcare centre, a residents’ network centre, children’s playgrounds, as well as adult and elderly fitness stations. Please refer to the site plan located at the top of this page, for the facilities provided in Alexandra Vale. Facilities in this development will be accessible by the public.

Alexandra Vale Site Plan03_siteplan_bm_n7c57.jpg


layoutideas_bm_n7c57_3rm.jpglayoutideas_bm_n7c57_4rm(1).jpglayoutideas_bm_n7c57_4rm(2) (1).jpglayoutideas_bm_n7c57_4rm(2).jpg

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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These are seventeen (17) considerations for selecting a good unit at HDB BTO Alexandar Vale 

1. Stacks/units facing North and East have very good or very Lucky as these frontage Wealth Luck = Double Stars [#9] + [#9] in Front. While South facing stacks are considered less lucky as these flats wealth luck unfortunately are wasted at the "rear" of the unit where the kitchen/stove/sink are located.

2. Some Stacks/unit's frontage are affected by the afternoon sun-rays especially on sunny days of the year. This can make the living room and bedroom areas warm/hot. Especially during the late afternoons and even early evenings where the walls at these areas soak in the heat into the walls/window glass.

3. Some Stacks/unit's master bedroom walls be warm in the evening. As it shares an external wall which soaks in the afternoon sun. And in the evening, such heat may ooze out of the wall. 

4. Some Stacks are in close proximity of the Common Bin Lobby (CBL).Frankly this also depends very much on the cleaning persons (cleaning contractors) doing their job to make sure that the CBL well maintained.

5. For two stacks, do play safe and select higher floors to either avoid looking into the Precinct Pavilion (PP) or to avoid potential noise pollution generated from activities especially funerals and funeral activities such as prayers which can happen anytime. Unfortunately sometimes even during occasions like our Chinese New Year. In addition, higher up units may also be able to hear the sounds of as mentioned earlier - religious ceremonies and or from Malay weddings (if any).

6. Some stacks are the closest to the Electric Sub-Station (ESS). In real life there are no know effects of anyone staying above or even near-by to an ESS. However, to "future-proof-the-resale-value"; safest to get a highest possible floor unit. Frankly anything 5th storeys and above is preferred. Fortunately a blessing in disguise this ESS is a low building of not more than two storeys high allowing "unblocked" views for most units under these stacks.        

7. As these units face North and where wind can be forced between the gaps of the building structure of it's neighbours: Alex Residences and Echelon condos - on occasions if one does encounter strong winds. [For example imagine if one were to hold an umbrella and if the umbrella tries to tilt and pull away from our hands.] Thus on windy days especially when we encounter strong winds especially at the living and bedrooms, do try to close these windows to restrict or "control" the flow into the unit. Otherwise, such units given that they have a " xxx " and North facing are the most lucky in this development as compared to those South facing (MRT/Redhill facing side).

8. Avoid low floors for Stacks #xxx and #xxx especially units: #02-xxx, #03-xxx and #02-xxx, #03-xxx to avoid vehicle headlights shining into the unit especially during dark hours like night-time when turning into the service road of this estate to get to either the drop-off point or the Multi Storey Car Park (MSCP). Thus best to get at least #04 storeys and above. In addition, do expect some traffic noise since this is the only entrance = ENTRY and EXIT for this entire HDB Alexandra Vale estate development.

9. If one likes privacy, best to do close front door when not in use. As the corridor of this front door has more pedestrian traffic outside the unit either by neighbours or their visitors. If one has a habit of living the front door opened most of the time while at home, then this may not be the unit for you.

10. Try to get a unit that is at least 6 to 7 storeys or higher (safest) to clear the Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP) car park roof-top & the lamp posts found at the roof garden. If one were to look out of any of a unit's opening and can directly see a vertical lamp post aimed towards this opening, it is considered as a Poison Arrow. And unlucky. Much harder to cure if this opening is one of the living room windows. (if any). If lamp post is aimed towards a bedroom window? Then install a day curtain and perhaps draw it down "permanently" so as one cannot see clearly this lamp post (if any). 

11. Good that unit is at the end corridor of the block - thus better privacy than most other flats. Excellent if one often love to leave the front door partially or fully opened during the day whilst at home. [Unlike some other units where one may have to close the front door or install a partition between the front door and the living room as - expect pedestrian traffic or movement leading to or away from e.g. the lift lobby.]

12. Sha Qi or Poison arrow from side-walls of Stack #xxx aimed towards Stack #xxx. And also if the side walls of Stack #xxx are painted in light colours; thus afternoon sun can shine onto this [#xxx side-wall] and may be glaring for Stack #xxx especially if one is looking out of it's living room and/or bedroom windows (if any). In addition, especially the living room of Stack/unit #xxx has a view to the service yard of #207 where often laundry, mobs etc.. are hung there. Who wants to have a view of these. And also may affect future re-sale value when it is time to exit the unit.

13. Stack/unit #xxx is beside a rental unit. Main concern is that unlike an owner occupied units, there is a higher possibility of higher frequency of a change of tenants. Such as movers bringing in and out furnitures etc. Often also, since such units are non-owner occupied, there is a likelhood that the unit may also be less well maintained at all. Anyway, this depends on one's luck. As hopefully (cross-fingers) hope to get a "good" #277 neighbour.

14. No issue (really) for a unit "distant" view of APSN Tanglin School building. [Formally, it was called M.I.N.D.S.] For information, this school provides special education, vocational training and employment support services for individuals with mild intellectual disability (IQ 50-70). Fortunately this school does look like any other normal "school buildings". And should not affect future re-sale value unlike taboos like having a view of say eg. a Chinese/Indian temple and/or hospital. 

15. South facing Stacks often have clear views. But at a cost as do expect noise especilly from MRT trains on the elevated train platform. Higher floors preferred. 

16. Any concern if the Front door is beside/next to the emergency exit-stairs/stairwell? There was only one instance when a single mother with one daughter requested that I ranked these units lowest or avoid them all together. This was because she was so afraid of someone hiding inside the emergency stairs and rushing out to ambush her (or her daughter) when they open their front door to either get in or out of their unit. Other than this reason; frankly it is a blessing in disguise to have a unit next to such SOLID structure as a very well built structure such as this stairwell area - extra safe and secure. Not that the block is not safe at all. LOL

17. For specific stacks/units, extra care in placing the stove to avoid the Kitchen in the inauspicious Fire @ Heaven's Gate. As placing the stove wrongly can affect male breadwinner's career and also family members overall luck. The impact (if any) also depends on where the stove is located in these units. If so, best to try to consult a Feng Shui expert to avoid or balance the house if it was placed in an inauspicious location - if any.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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