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Updated our most popular Comprehensive Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui Yearly Forecasts Section

Robert Lee

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Hi Everyone,

Firstly, like to wish you and your loved ones, Health, Wealth & Happiness!


As most our major sections of the site have been upgraded with the latest versions of the software technology and hardware, which now allow us to support more mobile friendly layout, we can now focus on improving some of older sections of our site which were still based on older standard html/table based site layout and design.

Hence, as of 7 Jan 2023, I am happy to announced that I have updated our popular Comprehensive Chinese Horoscope and Yearly Forecast. This will be our 3rd major revision of the layout which was last updated on 22 Jan 2017 which was focus more on making the forecast more viewable on mobile devices.

Here is our new Rabbit - 2023 Chinese Horoscope & Yearly Forecast:- 


Here is the 2024-2035 Chinese Horoscope & Yearly Forecast:-


Here are the key features our updated forecast:-

1. This update focus on taking advantage of many new mobile friendly framework (uikit) which I previously identified and have been utilizing for the main www.geomancy.net for sometime now. However, I didn't rush to convert the entire site to support it, as I wanted to make sure that it is a framework that I can use for many years to come. Now I am certain it is, I am now going to update it to our report sections to re-vamp our report sections as well. So our Chinese Horoscope and Yearly Forecast will be one the first section for us to apply this update.

2. Hence, I have re-vamp our yearly forecast, so that it is easier to read. You will be able to tell which are the favourable horoscope, which are the elements within that horoscope that are the best for this year etc with a new grid-like layout.

3. You will be able to see any special influence such as Earned Wealth, Unexpected Wealth, Friendship, Relationship, Nobleman or whatever that is prominent for the year. Even any negative influence Wealth Loss, Health, Accidents, Friendship Quarrels, Romance Breakup, Stress etc. Everything is displayed in a very easy grid-like layout.

4. We are also now officially introducing our 奇门遁甲 (Qi Men Dun Jia) Divinity Year Chart as part of the yearly forecast, as this can give additional insights into the year as well. So we can not only check the year with chinese horoscope, ba zi, flying star and soon with Qi Men Dun Jia Divinity Forecast as well. This will allow us to test the layout formatting for our new upcoming Divinity forecast chart which can add additional perspective to the yearly forecast.


While we are not yet including any interpretation yet, as we are want to test to make sure that the chart and layout is okay before we add in the explanation. As this is a rather complicated report, trying to make it easy to understand and how best to present the interpretation can be rather challenging. So we are not rushing to release it until it is ready. For now, we are introducing it publicly, so that you get familiar with the new Qi Men Dun Jia Chart that will play an important part in future divinity forecast reports that we will be launching. 

Given that each sector is colour-coded, in 2023 for example, the North-East sector have all 4 sectors (Deity/Heaven/Earth/Human) in blue, which in the most basic interpretation would be good year for Agent / Photographing / Marriage / Banquet events. That is just one of the many interpretation possible. This chart can be used to forecast many many things, hence comes the complexity of how to present the analysis. Anyway, this chart is still a usable chart info, just like the yearly flying star chart that is also included in our forecast. Hence, it is going be an integral part of our future forecast update as well.

5. 2023 Monthly Forecast and 12 Horoscope Signs summary have options to filter the Good / Average / Bad Months/Horoscope, so that you can make it easier to see which months or horoscope are good or bad. We will start to include such user friendly interface in our future reports as well where it is useful.

6. Just as with our last ba zi report update, we now removed many of the technical ba zi details info which may appear a bit overwhelming for most average users. So the forecast looks more simple, yet still easy to understand. 

7. Hence, we have our new and improved Chinese Horoscope and Yearly Forecast layout. So we have updated this latest format to all our older forecast (2005-2030). Plus, we added the upcoming forecast for 2031-2035 as well. So that you can have a seek preview into what's coming for at least the upcoming 10 years! We know our forecast are incredibly useful, so we are proud to be the first to release it early in advance for users to preview it. It is also also continually improve it so that it gets better and better, hence we made at least 10 years of forecast available for users to be able to access it!


Hope you enjoy the updates!

Warmest Regards
Robert Lee

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