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A couple of questions about the bazi chart

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A couple of questions about the bazi chart

Hello, the card data is as follows: man, January 31, 1989, 13:30 (local time), if the sun is the hour, the tree is yang on a horse, Russia (+5).
1) what is the strength of the card?
2) what is the structure of the map and what is useful?
3) what is the most suitable profession (or field of activity)?
4) and if possible, by bazi or qimen, suggest the best direction for moving (north, south, etc.)

I checked on your service, here is the link BAZI CHART , writes that it is strong, looked at other services, they write that it is weak, somewhere strong, somewhere following the resources (with its useful elements), etc. I understand that this is a car. I would like to know your opinion...

Thank you!!!


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  • Staff

Frankly, we normally won't bother to reply to such post that simply provides the date and time of birth (or a screenshot of any third party chart) and expect us to review the info and answer the questions.

As that usually takes time and effort to have to work out an review the dob, before we can answer any questions. Often that no longer falls under simple free advise most of the time, and usually you will need to get our full service to seek the personalised answers you are looking for. Furthermore, most answers you are asking are usually available in the full ba zi service.


1. Anyway, most of the answers for your question is also available on our free ba zi report itself:-


Since our free reports aren't crippled in anyway, it means you will get the exact same results in the paid report. Just that we don't provide all the details, only those useful for users to make use of. Which means that your true element is a Strong Metal.

We provide the free report so that users can really make use of our reports and tools for their own benefit. Often we also do help people troubleshoot by using the free tools. Hence, we do not cripple the reports for that reason. 


2. As for the suitable profession, this is usually only provided in the full ba zi report, but you can use the suitable element to determine that Water / Fire element related career (career industry or job scope element) are likely the most suitable, so you can also refer to this free resources that is available on our website. 

URL: http://talk.geomancy.net


3. Anyway, the only reason I am answering this post is to answer your question is because since our free report already answers most of your question. So to ask us to clarifying what is your true element strength, means that you are probably wanting to know why our chart states that it is Strong Metal, whereas others may have determined it as weak. 

Often, a lot of other practitioners don't really work out the chart in full details, this means any combinations (that may result in changes in the final element) and clash/harms that takes place, and even many don't even calculate the hidden House of Life and House of Conception pillars. All of which are just as important in determining the true elements. Without considering those details, it is easy to assess the true element incorrectly. 

Since a weak or strong element will result in different favourable and unfavourable elements. This is why for our site, we have worked this very carefully and in detailed in order to determine your personal true element. This is all calculated even for our free report (just that no detailed info are provided):-

In the case of the date of birth dob provided, this ba zi chart is a Strong Metal:-.

I have extracted this small section from our full ba zi report, so that you can see why:-

Male - 31 Jan 1989 at 1.00 p.m. to 2.59 p.m.
Lunar Calendar: 1988, 12th month, 24 day,

Total Favourable Elements
(that make you strong)

Metal (27.9%)
Earth (58.1%)
Water (4.7%)

> Total Unfavourable Elements
(that make you weak)

Fire (0.0%)
Wood (9.3%)
Water (4.7%)

= Therefore,
you are a
Strong Metal


NOTE: Water element eventually cancel itself out as Water element is a double-edged element in the equation. Water element helps to destroy the fire which weakens you (so it helps make it less total unfavourable less unfavourable), but it also exhaust your metal (which weakens your metal and makes your favourable element weaker). But it is necessary to include as each of the five elements each have a role to play.

As you can see, the total elements that make you a strong is 90.7% which is greater than the total elements that make you weak which is 14.0%. Hence, you are a Strong Metal. The full details of the five element percentage chart is all available in our full ba zi report.

You can see full sample of the reports as follows:-

URL: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/store/category/3-ba-zi-life-reading-services/

Sample Report (Concise Expert Review Reports)

Ba Zi Expert Review - Demo

Ba Zi Yearly Forecast for 3 years (ie 2020/2021/2022) - Demo

Sample Reports (Plus detailed online reports at Online.Geomancy.Net available to you while you wait for the expert review)

Ba Zi Premium Full Reference Report v16.x - Demo

Ba Zi Premium Forecast Report v16.x (to view any 10-yearly period and yearly forecast) - Demo


Often it is easy to get this wrong, if you don't consider all the details in the chart, (interaction with all the pillars, the combinations that may change the final resulting elements and so forth, the additional hidden pillars and so forth). And that will result in interpreting the chart inaccurately.

Hence, I am replying to this post just to clarify it and I felt it is important for a lot of users to realise this. Without getting this accurately done, you can often get your true element wrong, which then affects the overall ba zi assessment and even can affect the ability to troubleshoot a situation properly.

As a person's luck is influenced by 3 forms of luck:-

1) Heaven Luck - Luck that you are born with and supposed to have.

2) Earth Luck - Luck from your Home/Office and surrounding environments.

3) Human Luck - Luck from your relationship with others and own hard work.

Hence, each luck affects 33.3% of your overall luck. Sometimes some issues can arise from the Heaven Luck (Ba Zi), sometimes it can come from the Feng Shui of your Home/Office. Without accurately assessing the ba zi chart, it can be hard to determine if issues maybe coming from the ba zi given luck or from your house/office feng shui. 

This is why it is important to get the ba zi true element correctly, as that helps to properly define what you need to balance and a lot of things. This is why in our free ba zi we, provided your true element, the favourable/unfavourable elements and even the last 10-years of your luck forecast for you to be able to relate to your own situation in order to determine whether what maybe the issue etc. So our ba zi reports is designed to be fully usable and for troubleshooting purpose. 



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