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Generally, any two big auspicious/inauspicious events (ie two weddings events), will clash away each couples luck if it is held to close together. 

The ideal period should ideally be 12 months apart, but most people nowadays are acceptable to the idea of at least 6-12 months apart (or at least if there is a separation of two different years with a minimum of 3 months apart). For example, Nov 2023 and the other is in Feb 2024 (still acceptable as there is like a change in the year 2023/2024 in between them). Safest is still at least 1 year apart to be honest.

Anyway, it also depends a lot on the family, some modern family are not so bothered by this, while many are still bothered by this. So best advice would be to avoid attending each other's wedding if you can.

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