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Bed placement


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I would like to ask you, what would you say is the perfect bed placement in this bedroom? I was thinking against the window, as in the photo but wasn't sure. The problem is the en-suite bathroom and the position of the doors. That's why I was thinking window, but this also isn't recommended.. Thank you for your help.


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Based on the limited information, can only apply what is simply COMMON SENSE FENG SHUI

Simply, when one enters a bedroom, more or less one can already envisage where the bed could be placed. Encountered this before? Visually, seen the bedroom door, the windows, the wardrope location and for the master bedroom the attached bathroom door. "Worse still if one has to place a King or Queen sized bed! LOL

1. Based only on general Feng Shui, and given that you may be using a Queen sized bed (width is 5 feet) and King sized bed is 6 feet, there is very limited location where the bed-head can be placed.

1.1. This is the best that you can apply or try to fit the bed to the room bearing in mind that there are windows, openings e.g. bedroom door and cabinet accessibility.

1.2. The above cannot be really considered as "Perfect Placement" since there are THREE (3) SCIENCE OF FENG SHUI WHICH ARE UNFORTUANTELY MISSING LINKS TO THE ABOVE.

Want to really know what is "PERFECT PLACEMENT?"

2. When it comes to proper Feng Shui:

2.1 Step 1: a chart, sample is attached is prepared:


2.2. Step 2:  Bedroom is reviewed based on several criteria:

2.2.1.  Optimal Bed-head direction is looked at based the person's best bed-head direction:

image.png.7acd71f72a5b6b94ef968bdac16b57f7.pngAPPLYING EIGHT HOUSE CONCEPT 0R 4 GOOD/BAD


with 2.2.2. In this illustration one will notice the Master Bedroom windows are located or influenced by the East sector. (Based on Eight House / 4 Good- 4 Bed directions)


2.2.3. The qi or energy coming into the Master bedroom favours Mrs = her "Health". While for Mr is his "Spook".

2.2.4. Thus there is no accident why Mrs is suppose to sleep closer to the Master windows. Where Mrs acts more like a knight in shiny armour shielding Mr who sleeps closer to the wardrope / toilet.

2.3.  Step 3: Applying Flying Star Feng Shui - which today found that East sector is now the Career and Overall luck/ (Already started in 2021 till 2043). Here, Flying Star can also provide a guide whether Master Bedroom is a good or bad sector. As in this case, today, it is a good sector.

image.png.7acd71f72a5b6b94ef968bdac16b57f7.pngAPPLYING FLYING STAR FENG SHUI


2.4. Step 4: Applying Ba Zi Feng Shui with Flying Star to determine the best colours for e.g. East Master Bedroom:-

image.png.7acd71f72a5b6b94ef968bdac16b57f7.pngAPPLYING BA ZI FENG SHUI


Based on this....



3. Without the above, THREE (3) concepts it is as good as go with your feel.

3.1. Unfortunately,  without the Science of Feng Shui: 
a. Eight House / 4 Good-Bad
b. Flying Star Feng Shui
c. Ba Zi Feng Shui

3.2. Can only reply on general Shapes and Forms. Might as well, frankly, get hold of a COIN and do this:-



Actung! Caution
The Science of Feng Shui is the missing link.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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