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kitchen below bathroom area of neighbouring above unit.. need advice.


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Hello Everyone,


This is my first time posting here, I’d like to seek some any kind advice and guidance from all of you.

Me and my wife bought an old apartment unit, and the apt is currently undergoing renovation process. As we started reno works, we discovered that the planned kitchen area sits below a bathroom area of the unit sitting above ours.

When I checked the piping, there is a discharge pipe from the unit above right below our planned stove area.

We cannot move our kitchen, due to apartment design restrictions, so our kitchen area has to be placed under the same spot. The area around discharge pipe has been having some leakage problems as well, that is currently undergoing repair.

I understand that basic fengshui principles says that no kitchen should be below a bathroom area. To remedy this, I plan to move my stove away from the discharge pipe, and place our kitchen sink below the discharge pipe. I cannot make the sink any further, due to comfort issues and fixed kitchen pipe location.

However, the location of this stove will directly face a bedroom door that is currently unused. We plan to use this bedroom as either a workspace, or as a guestroom. Perhaps in the future, when we have more than 1 kid, this will be the 2nd bedroom for our kid.

So my question is, which is worse? To allow stove directly below a discharge pipe, or to allow a stove to face a bedroom door?

Are there any solutions to remedy a stove or sink being below a discharge pipe?

kitchen lay out.jpg

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  • Staff

You wrote: "So my question is, which is worse? To allow stove directly below a discharge pipe, or to allow a stove to face a bedroom door?"

A large percentage of Feng Shui has it's roots based purely on common sense.

As you had mentioned, there is a real leak at the discharge pipe that is directly above your stove.

This alone makes this the worse position to place the stove as compared to say a stove facing a bedroom door. 

Under symbolism, do close the bedroom door when someone is sleeping inside it. But if this bedroom is used as a study or work room, then generally not a major issue.

Related: Many Feng Shui taboos has it's origin under common sense:


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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