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Day master strength and lucky elements

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I am born on 17th October 2001 at 5:00 pm. My day master is gui water. In hour pillar I have metal in both stem. Spouse palace has earth. Month pillar has earth in both stems. Year pillar has metal in heavenly stem and fire in earthly branch. My bazi appears balanced but when I calculated using Geomancy.net calculator. It showed my bazi is weak. Why is that so? What are my favourable elements? 

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  • Staff

1. I assume that your ba zi is as follows based on a female chart, since your username is ashley:-

Female - 17 Oct 2001 at 5.00 p.m. to 6.59 p.m.
Lunar Calendar: 2001, 9th month, 1 day,

URL: https://online.geomancy.net/public/code/html-fs-self-free.php?pay=0&tpl=chart_true_element&username=&gender=2&day=17&month=10&year=2001&hour=10

2. You are a weak Water, because total favourable elements (that make you strong) Water+Metal+Wood is 23.5% which is less than Total Unfavourable Elements (that make you weak) Earth+Fire+Wood 76.5%, which you can see below:-


Hence, you can check the free ba zi report link above for your favourable element which should be Metal and Water.

3. In general, you need to consider the seasons of birth impact for each of the five elements, the clash/harms, the combinations/joins which can form new elements etc. Only when you considered all the above in details, will you be able to determine the true birth element.

4. In addition, if you checked your House of Life and House of Conception, there are actually 4 more Earth elements in those pillars. So your chart is heavy on Earth element which is one of the key element that is making your chart weak. Which you can see below in the Full Ba Zi Reference Chart that is included in our ba zi premium so that users can see how their ba zi chart is calculated in detail.



5. In the above chart, you can also see the Water element in your day (Heavenly Stem Gui) joins with the month (Heavenly Stem wu), and forms a new element Fire. So even your original Water element is loss due to the impact of the joins/combinations which often changes your final elements. Which is why end up in your final five elements, you end up with 1 Metal, 0 Water, 0 Wood, 3 Fire and 4 Earth. 

6. Hence, in your case is a weak Water, as there even just one of your unfavourable element Earth element (58.8%) is already more than the Water (0%) and Metal (23.5%) added together. So your ba zi day element Water can be Strong or balanced. It is far from that. I would consider it a very weak water, since the total element that make you strong (23.5%) about 1/3 of the total elements that make you weak (76.5%).

7. Our free ba zi calculates the ba zi with the same detail as the ba zi premium reports, just that it doesn't show you all the details in the calculation. It just provides you with the information to make use of the report such as which are your favourable elements and unfavourable elements etc. As it is meant for anyone to be able to use it together with many of our other free reports.

8. The reason we don't show the full details in the free report, is we often find that when we provide more raw info, what we end up getting is people frequently just cutting and pasting our free port and posting into the forum to ask us to explain or interpret the chart, which totally defeats the purpose and is a waste of our time. As doing a detailed review of a chart takes time to read and interpret it. Our time can be better used to help users like advise them how to improve stuff which is why we provided like what are your favourable elements so that you can use it to enhance your luck if you follow our reports. All our free reports ba zi, eight house, auspicious dates are tools meant for everyone to freely use to improve your luck.

Hope that helps.



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