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Cecil Lee

Please understand why some postings will not be replied-to. Also "Understand how a duck paddles on water" And why no one wants to imitate the duck-on-water

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Hi Everyone,


Above: In reality, such sample postings will unfortunately not be replied to. Be warned... else enjoy!

1. Please avoid posting:-

"Please review stack #10 or Please compare stacks #10 with #12 or Can share your comments on Block 60?" Or this is my birthdate...

1921599269_DUCKPADDLEFURIOUSLY.png.d87075eabe41b0792e8fa491e86f4814.png2. The rationale is because unlike questions that come from experience or memory, someone has to make an effort to prepare, study, troubleshoot and also reply:-


This no longer is based on memory & my experiences.

3. Do you know that a duck glides gracefully in a pond. But no one realises that the duck has to furiously paddle their web feet to make this happen!

4. What is the purpose of this forum?786580726_lameduck.png.89ce3a3983c5760b2e82005fb8fb53d6.png

4.1 The purpose of this forum is to act as a catalyst, guide and provide some advice based on a pool of knowledge and experience.

4.2 This is not a "I do it for you" forum.

For example: To give an illustration...


Above also applies to any other specific questions...

5. For generic questions, Please do a SEARCH and one can often find the resource that you are looking for. Messages as far back as 1998 are still online in this "World's oldest Feng Shui Advice Forum".

6. Cut-to-the-chase: Frankly, let's not waste each other's time on these questions, Okay?

Thank you!
Warmest Regards,
Cecil Lee

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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