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Cecil Lee

How to wear a yinyang symbol ring?

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Feng Shui - Tip
I currently wear a yin yang ring on my right hand ring finger.
Which side should the darkened side be on, either the left or the right?
Does this affect you if I have it on the wrong way and if it does what
could it affect?
The correct way to wear the ring should be (if you are looking at
your own fingers)
" Left = white and Right = Black. "
For a graphic representation of how the symbol should be correctly
used, do check out this page:-
On the top of the page you should see the correct `white (left) to
black (right) Yin and Yang Symbol.
This is also the same way one should also hang the pakua (bakua) above
the main entrance door. This applies ONLY to uses who need to
use it as a `cure' against adverse `sha'. E.g. a lone lamp post
facing the middle of the main entrance door.
Another way of looking at the yin and yang symbol is that when we
rotate it, we rotate it clockwise. Each quarter turn e.g. 3 O'clock,
6 O'clock, 9 O'clock and 12 O'clock represents a season e.g. Spring,
Summer, Autumn and Winter. However, like the yin and yang symbol
on the Pakua, one should still use it showing white (left) and
black (right).
Cecil and Robert Lee

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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