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What is the meaning of the five ghosts?

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Dear April,
1. Five ghosts is the " direct translation " of the Mandarin word used in the Eight House Theory.
2. Under this website's, Eight House Theory, in order not to `give' the wrong impression, I had named it " Spook ".
3. This is because, the word " Five Ghosts " can be quite misleading. It does not necessary mean that there are literally FIVE ghosts that " spook " a person.
4. In the Eight House theory, some of the common terms used for inauspicious sectors are:
a. death sector
b. disaster sector
c. Irritation
d. Spook = " Five Ghosts ".
5. Therefore, when we look at the above, the two `more serious' concerns are the sectors with death/disaster.
6. While `irritation' and `spook (5 ghosts)' suggest some stumbling block or occassional "downs".





On 12/5/00 3:04:00 PM, Anonymous wrote:
i wish to know what the five
ghosts are and what they
implicate. also, how is it
figured each year where to put
metal?? i do know this year it
is to be in the north and as
of February 4 moved to the


7. Many Feng Shui cures utilise " metal " element as a cure. This can be e.g. the use of color e.g. white or pastel shades, metal e.g. grandfather clock, wind chimes.
8. In Traditional Feng Shui, the Flying Star analysis is used to accurately determine the use of metal.
9. In the Flying Star analysis, it can be done i.e.
20 year flying star;
Yearly flying star;
Monthly flying star;
Daily flying star;
Hourly flying star;
In minutes flying star
10. So, what you had mentioned is based on Yearly flying star.
11. For those who are new to Flying Star, please take note of the following:-
11.1 The Yearly Flying Star is often written by book authors to show the base # flying star of a year.
It may not be complete because it only takes into account the base number for the year.
11.2 Under Para 11.1, the about is not personalised to a person's house birth chart because it does not consider:-
a. The period the house was built
b. The direction of the main entrance. For e.g. 15 degrees.
c. It does not analyse all three factors i.e. the base number with the moutain star # and water star #.
12. In Traditional Feng Shui, it is usually analysed in conjuction with the 20 Year Flying Star period.
Where, this YEAR number is `overlapped' with the 20 Year Flying Star period to check for imbalances and if there is an imbalance caused e.g. at North sector which requires say a cure of " Fire element " at the North.
But, in the Yearly Flying star, the recommendation, could instead be the use of metal, then, only after a Flying Star consultant has looked at both charts, he may advise, say using "metal" cure for that particular year at that sector instead of "fire" cure.
Hope the above helps.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study: The Five (5) ghosts can also refer to the Five (5) spirits that some Chinese consider in each home:-


1. Spirit of the North,
2. Spirit of the South,
3. Spirit of the East,
4. Spirit of the West,
5. Spirit of the Centre of the home.
= Total of Five (5) good spirits.

Many coffee shops prepare and place five tea cups or in this case five identical mugs:-


Under this definition, these spirits are considered good spirits.

And not associated with real ghosts: where in real life, there can be a mixture of both good and BAD (evil) Ghosts! 

If one sees clearly, these spirits in my illustration each holds a heart ?. LOL

This is why we often see five type of fruits and often five oranges, five applies, five tea cups displayed to make these 5 spirits, happy!

Note: Above is simply an illustration without really associating with the exact magnetic compass readings! It's the symbolism that is important, here.


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study: This is another version of the Five "Ghosts"


In Chinese Mythology, there are Five (5) Emperors of the Mountains in China

The Five Mountain Emperors are:

1. Mount Song (Middle mountain)
2. Mount Tai (East)
3. Mount Hua (West)
4. Mount Heng 1 (North)
5. Mount Heng 2 (South)

In the past, temples all over ancient China worship one of these Emperors.

Offerings and incense are burned throughout the year in honour of these Five (5) emperors at temples dedicated to them.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Many coffeeshops make five mugs of drinks to the five spirits...

This Coffeeshop even go further as to provide; 1 cup of tea with milk, tea plain, Chinese tea, coffee white and lastly coffee black-:)


Perhaps, they intimately know which spirit prefers what.. LOL..



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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