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Robert Lee

New here?: Useful tips on using this Forum!

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Welcome to Tips-on-using-this-forum.
Here are Eight Useful Tips to make it easy for you to use Geomancy-Forum.com:-
Tip 1: Access this site directly
You can assess this site directly at:-
http://www.geomancy-forum.com or simply type geomancy-forum.com from your browser. Better still, bookmark this site. If you are using IE then Add to Favourites and if you are using Netscape Add to Bookmark.
Tip 2: Change Your Password
The first thing which you should do when you login this forum is change the password to something you can remember.
Click on MORE..., followed by Edit your Profile, then change the password and click on SAVE.
Tip 3: Subscribe to Mailing List as an alternative form of participating in Geomancy-Forum.com conferences
For those active users or users interested in participating in the various discussion areas such as Free-Advice, simply enable the
mailing list support.
Here, you can select ONE conference or many conferences to participate in. For example, you can select to participate ONLY in the Free-Advice conference and not the rest.
Click on MORE..., followed by Mailing List, then select the topics which you like to participate in and click on SAVE.
Tip 4: Configure your mailing list options
You can specify the mailing list to be sent as digest, zipped digest or mail by mail.
Click on MORE..., followed by Editing your Profile, then select the mailing list type and click on SAVE.
Tip 5: Mark All Messages Read
Remember to mark all mails as read, so that whenever you login, all new message will be highlighted for you.
Click on MARK ALL READ, then select if you want to select all conference or specific conferences only.
Tip 6: Creating a New Topic
When you create a new Topic; try to create a short but meaningful description. This will benefit all users.

Tip 7: Please don't post the same message twice

We will try our best to reply all messages promptly. However, there are times when a message is `complex' and requires more thought and replies may take slightly longer to reply. Please be patient:)
Tip 8: Paging other users
You can check if there are users who are currently online, and you can page them to the chat rooms.
Click on PAGE then select the bell icon beside the user, and you can send him a short message asking the user if he or she would like to go to the chat rooms for online discussion.
Hope you find those TIPS useful in making it easier to access and participate in this Forum.

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