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Cecil Lee

The Bayshore Condominium

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Location: Bayshore Road / close to Upper East Coast Road and East Coast Parkway.
Many of the south facing units which formerly had views towards the East Coast Park and sea view facing Indonesia is gradually being blocked. However, overall, this place still command good Feng Shui. (Please see my comments, below, later).
Developer: Bayshore Park Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Far East Organisation
Tenure: 99 years
TOP was in 1997 or around 6 years old.
It has a total of 1,038 units ranging from 2, 3, 4 and penhouse. Because of its good location at the east i.e. district 15 / 16, price per sq feet can range from $580 to $750.
Previously, two years ago, prices are as high as $590 to $850 for some units.
1. It is always a coincidence that developments that have names beginning with THE seems to turn our considerably more auspicious than some other developments.
2. For example, excellent Feng Shui can be found at the following addressess with THE in-front of their name:-
a. THE Meyer Place (specific unit with excellent FS)
b. THE Sovereign (especially those in a North to South alignment)
c. THE Sterling (specific units and the development has dragon qi flowing from the mountain to the water position)
3. However, I must caution, that in all developments, not all apartments share the same auspiciousness. Some do, while some may not.
4. Usually those units that have good Feng usually has good shapes and forms as well as get FOC Feng Shui from surrounding units.
5. In general, the entire development is on a stable Earth square shaped land.
6. All blocks are neatly arranged tall and rectangular `tree' with a crowning glory. This makes each block wearing a symbolic crown for success.
7. Each block is at least 25 floors and of equal height neatly arranged together.
8. Under The Five Elements Concept, each block resembles a tall rectangle tree (wood element). And this configuration is known as wood (tall structure) destroy earth (square) symbolic of creating `wealth'.
9. In addition, each block has mini protective spines that helps it to become protective (slightly offensive) but does not harm it's surrounding blocks because of the distance between them.
10. Overall, the entire development is a much better buy even if it is subsequently being blocked at the South by the `unfriendly' Costa Del Sol.
11. In the long run, even if those who need to it urgently in the future, can get a reasonable price.
12. Look at Lagoon Park, a HUDC : Housing and Urban Development Corporation, which developed 99 lease apartments for the middle class in the mid-1970's.
13. Although THE Bayshore is of higher class, that of a private condo, nevertheless, locations like Lagoon Park managed to squeeze out it's last drop of wealth for those who were selling it in the 1980s and 1990s. But as it is nearing it's 60 years lease, time-out for this condo.
14. Turning back to THE Bayshore, a tree symbolically represents `growth' and it is only thru growth that we constantly enhance ourselves. For those, who aspire to keep updated, will reap their rewards.
15. Even if they do not fully succeed, they can always fall back as a last resort on the sale of their property since many who own it are in their mid 30's to mid 40's. I strongly believe, this condo for the next 30 years can still fetch a reasonable price in view of it's location and facilities.
16. The only complaint I have is its rough internal service road. Perhaps, if I ever stay here, I may consider an off-road vehicle such as a SUV.
Warmest Regards,


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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