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Cecil Lee

Dangers to Govt Housing Board Flats

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Dear Users/Students of Geomancy.net,
1. Let me introduce you to the concept known as " Penetrating Sha Qi ".
2. Introduction
2.1 On 26 January 2003, I received an e-mail from a user who had purchased our Ba Zi report and found it very accurate as compared to one charted by a local practitioner. As our life readings coincide with his personal experience.
2.2 He informed us that a year ago, he had engaged a local Feng Shui practitioner. Things did not improve.
2.3. On the insistence of his wife, he engaged another Feng Shui practitioner to Feng Shui his home. At this point, he used a `special method' of Flying Star and tried to introduce changes.
3. However, as he had purchased our Ba Zi report; and we were shocked to hear that he had engaged so many practitioners. We were reluctant to go thru the various findings done by the two previous practitioners.
4. However, I was curious and since he had purchased our Ba Zi report, we asked him for his layout plan.
5. When he sent us a scanned image of the street map, I was very shocked to learn that there were two schools: 1 primary school shaped in the form of a hand gun and another neigbhouring secondary school, which looks like a shot-gun pointed towards this block of flat.
6. Today also, I received another online audit and was shocked to discover that this family had also been staying in the same block of HDB flat.
7. As a courtesy to both parties, I will not reveal or show the exact layout plans.
8. Both families `suffer' similiar fate:-
8.1 Family 1
Husband and wife: childless and career up and down with constant retrenchments.
8.2 Family 2
Three family members: Husband and son, were constantly sick and son had several operations.
Husband career stagnant to the point of `decay'.
Wife, worked long hours and recently, quit job.
9. External Environment `Threats'
9.1 What happened here is that both local practitioners failed to take into consideration Shapes and Forms Feng Shui.
9.2 I often emphasised in the past and present that one cannot merely eat and sleep on Flying Star or Xuan Kong Feng Shui alone.
9.3 One can academically draw beautiful Flying Star Charts but, these may not be of use from threats known as `PENETRATING SHA QI'.
Penetrating Sha Qi is an external environmental threat that can be as far as several kilometres or more away. It usually symbollically resembles a weapon e.g. a gun. Apartments or flats in it's way will face negative effects: mostly financial and in health.
10. Please refer to the two sample illustrations:
p-sha1.gif and
10.1 Please refer to the following markings on both charts:-
Marking `A' - Imagine this as the bullet shooting out of a gun (be it a hand-gun, a shot-gun or a machine gun).
Marking `B' - The victims (Apartments attacked by this penetrating Sha qi)
Marking `C' - Shock waves. Buildings (Apartments close to this shock wave has unfavourable sha qi).
For example under illustration: p-sha1.gif; the government Housing Development Board (HDB) Block 622 receives unfavourable `shock waves' from gun nozzle of "Jurong West Primary School".
However, the hardest hit will be marking `B' or 601A. Fortunately for illustration purposes, this is a car park. But as mentioned above; one can see a true example under the illustration: p-sha2.gif
Under illustration: p-sha2.gif, an actual HDB block shown as marking `B' will be hit by penetrating Sha qi : A - A - A.
This penetrating Sha qi is similar to a gun: it comes out in bursts. (Imagine, a gun, that needs ammunition. It has to be loaded, fired, barrel (gun nozzle) needs to be cleaned, and fired.
And what happens is that life will not be so smooth for these dwellers. For example, one may find a good job; then either forced to resign or retrenched etc...
Marking `E' : Look carefully, and you can see the profile of a gun barrel (or gun nozzle).
Marking `F' : Imagine this as the trigger for the gun.
Marking `G' : Usually, this is like the ammunition magazine.
Well, many new HDB flats many not have the schools built yet. Do cross your fingers that the school is not in the shape of a gun. And worse, if the barrel points to your unit. Or has shock waves that travel like marking `C'.
In addition, if there is a further handicap e.g. if the house does not suit the breadwinner; then this is a serious time to consider selling it especially if one is faced with a multitude of problems e.g. Finance, Health, Disputes (at work and poor marriage).
Here, you have better control. Just try to avoid homes as shown in the two illustrations.
Happy House Hunting!
Warmest Regards,

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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