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Article :: Ba Zi and Colour

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Colours is one of the best way you can make use of to improve your Heaven Luck.
This ie be colours of any object is often one of the best way of defining the general element.
Five Element and Colour
Metal - White/Gold
Water - Blue/Black/Gray
Wood - Green/Brown
Fire - Red
Earth - Yellow
Or any shades related to the above main colours.
1. weak Wood
Favourable: Water (blue/black/gray), Wood (green/brown)
Unfavourable: Metal (white/gold), Fire (red)
Unfavourable Wealth: Earth (yellow)
2. Strong Wood
Favourable: Fire (red), Metal (white/gold)
Unfavourable: Water (blue/black/gray)
Favourable Wealth: Earth (yellow)
Thus, for a weak Wood person, he can say drive a Green colour colour, decorate his or her bedroom in Blue/Black/Gray etc.
This will then make him stonger and thus increase his weak luck.
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