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Article :: Ba Zi - Fortune Telling or Feng Shui?

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Generally, Ba Zi has two different aspects.
Ba Zi is used to determine your Heavenly Luck so as to match your Heavenly Luck to your Earth Luck. It allows you to personalise each person to your environment.
Ba Zi is also for Fortune Telling etc. ie. Trying to predict a person's fortune. However, there is a always a danger here of this AUTO-SUGGESTION.
ie. Imagine if a Fortune Teller tells you that you a encounter a disaster next week. It will normally happen because your believe it so much that you yourself make it happen.
So there is such a danger, which is why is it often better not knowing much about such situation.
Also, usually if the fortune teller is so good, he would have used it to unlock his own fortune rather than just telling someone else fortune.
Thus, Ba Zi is best used not so much as a Fortune Telling, but rather to deduce a person's luck. Knowing how your given heaven luck is charted, you will be able to know when are the lowest luck period in your life, when are your best.
This will then allow you to be able to take extra precaution or maximise your luck.
Thus, Ba Zi is often used in Feng Shui to determine your Birth Element (ie weak Water, Strong Wood etc).
It is also used in Feng Shui to identify how your luck is for any one period so as to allow you to make some adjustment to your life.
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