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Article :: Ba Zi and True Element

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Ba Zi is the best in determining what element you belong to ie a weak wood, strong fire etc.
This is because Ba Zi takes into consideration not only the Day, Month, Year, it also considers the Hour of birth.
Thus, it is able to determine quite accurately what element you belong to. It uses a series of Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branches, thus being able to give you very comprehensive understanding of your Heaven Luck.
Each Year, there is a different element. A very basic Element is always to take the element of your Year Heavenly Stem as the Element.
So it is no wonder why some people is told that they are Wood, and when they use our free Ba Zi element analysis, it determines them to be a Fire element for example.
In fact, even in the year of Wood, there is a weak water person born in the Wood year, a Strong earth person born the Wood year. So taking the Year of birth itself isn't the most accurate way to determine your element.
Thus, the Ba Zi is the best way as it considers all these information and then determine it based on the day of birth.
Use our free Ba Zi Element Report:-
URL: http://www.geomancy.net/reports/free-report/freerpt-element.htm
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