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Article :: Computerised Ba Zi vs Manual Ba Zi?

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Will Computerised Ba Zi produce less accurate result than Manual Ba Zi analysis?
That depends on several factors:-
1. Who programmed Geomancy.Net's online Ba Zi?
Ba Zi analysis is extremely complex simply because many forms of analysis can be deduced from the same analysis. ie. you can determine your ba zi element, your luck period, your career, your health etc.
So in order to produce a very good Ba Zi analysis, the person who program it must understand it very well. The programmer must understand that there are many variations of Ba Zi, which are traditional analysis, which are new modified styles and the various calendar system that are used.
In Geomancy.net case, the online Ba Zi analysis is written personally by Robert Lee to replicate a manual analysis done by Cecil Lee or myself. So the formatting of the Ba Zi report is exactly as how we would manually chart them out.
But rather than take the time to manually chart it out, we let the computing power do all the work. This way we can focused on the end result which is the portion of analysing the various results.
Imagine if we were to do a manual analysis of a single ba zi, you have to chart out all the various Pillars (hour, day, month year) and two advanced pillars (house of life and house of conception).
Next you have to work out all the various related information such as what each heavenly stem and earthly branches represent, what are the hidden ten dieties, what combination of elements clashes, which combines, which join but do not combine. How the seasons affect the element etc.
Frankly, if you were to do manually, you will probably analyse only the various basic and important analysis. Often, you will skip doing every possible computation. This is where a Computerised Ba Zi excel. So long as you program all the various rules and combinations, you can ask the computer to loop each and every possible combination. This way you will NOT miss any single computation which you will normally skip if done manually.
Thus, a computerised Ba Zi helps in providing all necessary information so that when Cecil or myself look at it, we can immediately deduce the problems, or tell you what's wrong with that portion of the chart. This reduces the manual computation time which Cecil and myself can use to focus on analysing more people and yet give you very DETAILED and COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS, which a manual analysis often cannot.
2. How detailed is a computerised Ba Zi by Geomancy.Net?
Frankly, it can be as detailed as the programmer who wrote it wants it to be. Take Geomancy.net ba zi for example, it is not in it's version 1 or 2 but at this very point version 9/10.
This means, that it does not just analyse the basic chart, but even analysis and REPLICATE the analysis explanation exactly how we would write it out in a manual analysis.
Frankly, many of our Ba Zi analysis results are SPECIALLY written in such a way that Cecil and myself would prepare manually. Thus, our analysis not only analyses the basic information for us to use, but already worked out many of the major portion of our manual analysis.
This not only allows our ba zi to produce accurate but very detailed reports. This, further makes it easier for us to focus on providing additional analysis which is not possible to be deduced by a computer, ie relating personalised events or questions to your existing chart. Thus, often when users purchase our Expert Help, we will analysis the online reports (which is already detailed), to produce additional personalised analysis which is not possible.
Now we have a whole range of paid analysis which many of them (not released to the general public), produces such a fantastic human like explanation analysis, that you will not believe it is done all by a simple CPU. But as always, a computerised report can only do that much. In Geomancy.Net they are used to make it easy for us to focused on the FINAL analysis as opposed to computing it.
Frankly, it has reach the stage where, our own manual analysis will take days and weeks to produce a similar one if done manually. Thus, users who experienced our reports will find many many details are revealed to them, and once they better understand it. Often, will find wealth of information revealed.
This is the main reason for creating such Heaven Luck conferences, so that we can continuously produce articles to allow users to fully utilise our Ba Zi analysis.
3. How accurate is our computerised Ba Zi Analysis?
It is as accurate as it is programmed. Frankly, our analysis does not hide by the falsely manipulating the Ba Zi information to our advantage. But rather let, the computing power of the computer deduce the various inter-relationship as defined by the various Ba Zi analysis ruleset.
Thus, letting the computer deduce all the possible relationship (ie combination, clashes, harms, ten dieties etc) Then from there, users can see any possible problems and relationship. ie possible health related problems, imbalance in five element etc. It also, allows users to see how your Luck generally is set for you from your time of birth.
We do not falsely or purposely manipulate the various rulesets to a specific analysis or advantage. But rather let the ba zi ruleset be shown to you by analysing it step by step.
How often have you seen Ba Zi Expert use famous people as an example to prove how good their calculation are in explaining the past events or reasons for the their death or unfortunate accident?
I am sure many of the users will find that they have in sometime or another read about such analysis. I often like to say these are falsely manipulated information. This is because, if you look at those various case studies, you will find that they identified that the reason for example is because of a clash found in the day and luck period and it is because of that that the accident took place.
Let's use this example, and say two different person A and B. Both born in the same exact date and time of birth and in say US. If based on the above analysis, the two person will have the exact same clash found in the day and luck period. Say Person A is a famous super star, while the other Person B is an ordinary person. If the reason for the Person A's unfortunate accident is due to the clash in the day and luck period (as suggested by the master), why then did the Person B not suffer the same fate??
Won't you say that the two should have similar fate and troubles?
Well, sadly, this is just a case to show you that often some of the indications of a clash in Ba Zi or facts are manipulated by such masters to prove that they are very accurate in there analysis.
Often, if you use the same indications (which are ba zi analysis rules) as identified by them, for another person, you will not find that that same factor which they use will apply for other people. Instead, for another analysis done, he will say it is because of this and that.
Often or not, when I do run such analysis of these person through Geomancy.net's ba zi, the reasons which our website will use for why the death occur is different.
Often, the problem is not just because of the 10-year luck period clashing with the day pillar. In our analysis, it is often because of say 10-year luck period is inauspicious, followed by a Clash between the Year and Life Chart, and that the 5-yearly luck is also inauspicious, with say a combination which alters the favourable element. And even for that year itself, the luck is bad for that person, with a yearly luck clash with the Ba Zi Month Pillar. And that the month and day are also inauspicious.
Often, it is because of these series of problems which occurs together, that an event that produces a very unfavourable time period for that person. In addition, that person must also be around with unfavourable influence such as a Strong Water person, who has 80% of water in his chart, and is currently in a Water 10-year, 5-year, yearly period. While being with friends of Strong Metal Strong Water personality, maybe even staying in a house which is Strong Metal. All these influence together, that often result in a death or unfortunate accident.
This is how we analysis a chart. And because of this, even if a person of the same exact chart, will not have the exact same fate.
This is why Geomancy.Net's ba zi report never falsely manipulate the information. It gives you exactly as it is charted, and thus allowing us to see more clearly the reasons for such an event. Thus, you can be assured that it also gives you a very unbiased look at your own chart based on what fate as given you.
If you use Geomancy.Net way of analysis and ruleset, you can be certain, that if another case similiar to such a case, that person is likely to face the same problem. Thus, the rules which we use to find out about reasons for problem occuring is always consistent from one analysis to another. It is never changed or altered just to suit just that particular person or use only a certain way of identifying why this problem occur to that person.
4. Why is some manual or computerised Ba Zi analysis does not follow your past history?
Simply because Ba Zi is only a Heavenly given luck. In Feng Shui point of view. Heavenly Luck is one of the 3 factors which influence your overall luck.
A person's luck is affected by the Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Human Luck. Where the Earth Luck is the most important factor. Often the Earth Luck influence will adversely affec your Heaven Luck.
ie. A person who is supposed to enjoy very auspicious 10-year luck, but somehow he faces problem in this period then as seen in his ba zi. This is not because the Ba Zi is inaccurately calculated, but because that person's luck is for example affected as he stay in a House which is not favourable for him (ie a Strong Wood person, staying in an East House - Wood House), and based on the Shapes and Form of the house the house is a TRAPPED house or has a major feng shui leak such as Toilet in the Center of the house.
Such influences make it an inauspicious period as compared to what he is suppsoed to have.
Also, because Ba Zi is what you are supposed to be born with. It does not take into account factors such as your education, the location you, the people around you etc.
The best example I would say is your education.
Imagine this scenario:-
A pair Twins born on the same date and time in the same place. One stay and get high education (PHD) in US. While another migrate to India and only attain Primary Education. Will they get the same luck? Will they earn the same amount of money?
Of course not, and this is because of external influence, education influence which is NOT considered in your BA ZI. Thus, your luck in such cases will be different from your given luck. Thus, Ba Zi can only give you a guide. And is only so call "accurate" in terms of knowing how your chart
Many times, lots of users think that Ba Zi must produce an exactly similiar result as what you have encountered. Often this is a wrong conception.
Ba Zi cannot predict your future, nor can it tell you exactly what you have previously encountered. It can and only tell you what you are supposed to have and how your luck is supposed to be.
Ba Zi analysis when done properly can give you a fairly accurate account (assuming your earth luck is not adversely affected).
Often what is important in a Ba Zi is how your luck is laid out for you, only when you know your luck and various indications can you work to use it to your advantage.
Feng Shui is not a miracle cure all. It only helps you create an harmonious environment and how you should improve your luck. Once your luck is improved or if you feel comfortable at home, you will have better productivity to focus on your work. Ultimately, you have to work hard for it.
Just like, if you have a romance star in your current period. However, if you do not socialise or meet or make the effort to court the girl you like, no marriage will occur. Some for work, if you do not work hard, you will not gain any success.
So Ba Zi is just a one of the tool in Feng Shui to identify your Heaven Luck. If you can maximise what your Heaven Luck and suit it to your Earth luck, you will find it very rewarding.
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