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Guidelines on: Is this block good?

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Dear All,
I envisage that more users may be posting such subject matter.
As such, I like to lay some guidelines on this subject.
Currently, I have thought of a few important guidelines on this. In the future, I will be adding more.
Here are the guidelines:-
1. First, go thru this Can or cannot buy resource:-
2. Geomancy.net's house hunting service
3. CAN OR CANNOT BUY: Is this block good? Free Advise
3.1 Cavet Emptor - Let the buyer beware: Please note that pointing to a url e.g. http://www.streetdirectory.com only provides a "Top-view" of the location.
3.2 Therefore, any review based on this should only be considered as very PRELIMINARY. As it does not take into account factors like compass direction; sunlight (east-west facing or north-south facing) etc...
3.3 The site, block and immediate surrouding are not analysed using this top-view method.
4.1 Do'nt give me messages or e-mails like: Very Urgent -- need your advice urgently!
4.2 For Free Advise, most of the time many people will give me `threats' like "the agent tells me that if I do not commit ... by such and such a date..which is often tommorrow or "yesterday", the deal's off!
5. For each individual : Do not post more than TWO free analysis.
6. Even if it is for one or two blocks for review, it depends on whether I accept or can reject the review without giving any reasons there-of.
7. If you want the layout analysed, then, go use Geomancy.net's priority service at:-
8. Contrary to popular believe, I personally believe that it is more important to invest in a "Can or Cannot buy" assessment rather than the last resort of having a home Feng Shuied after a purchase.
9. The above are the preliminary guidelines.
10. If you are in Singapore, please post free advise of this nature to " Singapore Property Review " conference.
Happy House Hunting!
Warmest Regards,
PS. At the end of the day, it `boils' down to your personal BUDGET. Needless to say, with or without Feng Shui; expect to pay more for a `choice' site. The seller or developer is no fool in this matter! Keep within you and your partner's MEANS. An average home is better than no home!

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Hi Master Cecil, 

my fiancé and I are interested to shift into a block in jurong, but was told not to by my parents due to the surroundings (Ng Teng Fong Hospital). Was wondering if we can have your advice if this block/ unit is ideal?

block 203 Jurong East street 21 - unit 02-121 (pointed unit with the arrow on second image)

sorry if I missed out any info. Thank you so much for your kind advice!



979.......... Note: I have removed your phone number to prevent others misusing it.





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  • Staff

There is always a stigma attached to purchasing or living beside a hospital.

Like you mentioned: objections from parents. And in the future, may affect the resale value.

Especially more so if the unit faces of has a full view of a hospital.

Thus in doubt; skip these units.

From a common sense approach...avoid facing the Pathology department of a hospital or a collection point: where the body of a deceased is held for identification and others.. autopsy etc... This is really the main or real consideration to avoid.

One can even see HDB blocks directly facing a hospital. Including Eastpoint green condo:-EB60D41D-7AC7-49F7-83A2-288F16FB66F4.thumb.png.bc79cc17308818974f3cc98a3f17cbea.png

The latest is The Vales at Sengkang and many HDB flats shown here also face the similar situations as what you wrote:A82F86C2-054D-44BE-836F-46BFE7ACECF7.thumb.png.bd559f756b4c36254c897c4f540992f8.png

Again, If in doubt don’t... unless the purchase price is rock bottom basement bargain price...


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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This photo is of SGH. Showing an example of the most inauspicious place at a hospital to avoid: Mortuary.

Every Hospital has one.. just that some are less pronounced.

P.S. For SGH, other than the nearby Clubhouse no other living quarters are near to this block 9, the mortuary.


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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For Mount Alvernia Hospital; the holding area or collection point for the deceased is located at the red circle area.

This is where a deceased patient is hidden into a false bed and wheeled there for identification and sent to a respective casket company.

Unknown to those staying at Thomson 800. Especially that of block 804 Thomson 800.


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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