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Dear Clarence,
I am not sure, if one is aware of what is a "wealth" name.
Let me elaborate:-
1. For the Chinese, often is a child is born, a grand-parent or parent would often find a geomancy to look at a `suitable' name for a child.
2. For example, when my elder brother was born, my grandfather, went to see a geomancer. Under his ba zi, he is found to lack `water' element. Thus, one of his name contains water. Therefore, his `English' name has a Hokkien " Chwee " or water.
3. When my turn came, I was found to have balanced elements in my ba zi. Thus, my Chinese name has a " Tiong " or " middle/centre" which is symbolic of balance.
4. For example, please take a look at this Attached, sample chart:
4.1 Under this chart, one can find that I had produced various sections marked in RED: A, B, C.
4.2 S/No. A shows all of a person's elements: Year, Month, Day, Hour; House of Life and House of conception.
4.3 S/No. B shows what are one's favourable and unfavourable element. And what is one's wealth element.
4.5 Under the sample example, this person is considered as a "Strong Metal" person. And since he is a strong metal person; his wealth element is wood element.
5. But Wait! Under the Chinese name (Name naming convention): If one's wealth element is considered as a "wood element" it does not mean that one's name has to have the wood element.
6. One has to confirm with a check on how much each elements that we have. In this example, it is coincidental that this person lack wood. Thus, for the Chinese, one can find one's name with "wood" stroke or one character that has wood in the name to help to balance his chart.
7. In many situations, wood element may not be the correct element to use for one of the characters in a name. We often refer to the marking "C - Balance of Elements in Your chart" to confirm this.
8. Since the Five Elements is about balance; just because our wealth element is "wood" we must not have our entire name full of wood. If not, the child when he/she grows up may end up as A DEAD WOOD.
Warmest Regards,

On 9/4/2003 3:00:10 AM, Anonymous wrote:
Hi Cecil,
According to my
Pillar of Destiny report I am
missing METAL. What names
are metal or


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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