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Salt Water Cure

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Dear Kay,
For this cure:
1. A good container is made of glass.
2. Get a reasonably sized jam jar. (The size of a drinking glass). Some other container include: used honey glass jar.
3. What is the ratio of salt with water?
3.1 Here, first pour water until 1/2 or 3/4 full.
3.2 Next, stir two spoonful of salt into the water.
3.3 Next, stir until the salt dissolve.
4.1 Please note that Para 3 is more an art. The rationale is that salt crystals may slightly differ in density.
4.2 What you can do the (FIRST ROUND) is, e.g. pour water until 3/4 full in this jar.
4.3 Next, pour one spoonful and stir until salt dissolve. Do the same with a second spoonful etc... THERE WILL COME A TIME when the salt cannot be totally dissolved. Note, how roughly how much spoonful it takes for salt to dissolve and remain undissolved.
4.4 This is usually the optimium amount of salt to water.
4.5 But this optimium means that if the water evaporates, salt crystal may form. This is quite natural. Therefore, one would have to constantly maintain water level at the specific level that one first, poured water in.
5. To fine tune, it is best to have 1/2 filled with enough salt to be dissolved. The rationale is because: We have yet to put in the 6 coins! If we do so, the mass of the coins would bring the water level to around 3/4 of the jar.
6. Often, copper coins (Chinese ancient coins with square holes) are best. (Obviously, since this is one of the Chinese cures, to play it safe, such coins are recommended).
7. In some cures, some FS practitioner insists on placing a piece or flake of a piece of gold paper. This gold paper is often the size of a postage stamp e.g. 1 inch by 1 inch or more (no issue).
8. In Asia, it can easily be purchased from gold jewellery shop. And, actually this tin foil of gold can be eaten. Some of the more expensive restaurants in my country place a piece on things like dessert.
9. I am not sure, where one can get this piece overseas. So, don't ask me where to get it, huh.
10. In countries like Thailand, it is easily obtained, especially it can even be purchased in some local temples. Here, the person buys a piece. And literally, paster it or mould it onto a Buddha statue.
I hope the above is a good enough answer. As, I will be scratching my head if you ask me further into pure quantitative amounts of e.g. salt and water to be used. E.g. 0.2 grams of salt per 10 grams of water etc.... If so, your question, will be floating around unanswered, today, tomorrow .....
Warmest Regards,

On 1/5/2004 12:41:53 AM, Anonymous wrote:
What is needed to do a salt
water cure? Obviously, salt
and water, but in what ratio?
What kind of container is
best? What kind of coins work

Thank you for your

Kay Roget

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff

Traditionally, the salt water cure is suppose to create "negative ions" from the reaction of copper coins with salt and water.

However, in modern times, there are many negative ion producing products:

1. From ionisers for cars and rooms to air filter fans that have ionisers.

2. Recently, I went to Homefix (Singapore) and purchased an ioniser fitted to a light bulb. What this means is that you don't need to have a separate equipment to use it.

3. Here, one can kill two birds with one stone: Have light (lighting) as well as it produces negative ions.

4. I have no relation to the company below. Just trying out a more scientific way of applying Feng Shui - and hoping that this ion producer is a better replacement for the salt water cure.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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For the earlier salt water cure if it is not covered, leave it in an open area. Avoid placing it in an enclosed area.
Salt water with copper (An Ren Shui) is consider ancient technology, ionizer bulb is a great idea.

I will consider using plants to purify the air, taking the time to care for living things will also nurture good character for example like patience...

Character development and enhancement are also part of FS isn't it?

FS is nature

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Morning Master, if the salt water cure is place 1)  above the wardrobe in the room next to living room and 2) top level kitchen cabinet above the stove highlighted by the orange circles, near your your original proposed locations, is that fine? As the original proposed locations have difficulty placing them.



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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