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Dear Andy,

1. Frankly, there are no right or wrong answers. This is because in some instances, the "stone" (jade) could belong to one element or a combination of other elements.

2. Let me give you some examples:

2.1 Shape

If the jade is shaped like a triangle, then we may say that it is considered as a "fire" element.

If the jade is sometimes shaped into jewellery e.g. a jade ring, then many of us would consider this a gemstone or "earth" element.

You can think of many other examples, here

2.2 Colour

Usually jade is green in colour. The depth of green colour can range from light green to deep grain green. For a scholar of "The Five Elements Concept" perhaps, he or she may say that because jade is green, it has "to be" or belong to the "wood element". Since wood is green or brown.

Therefore, there is no right-or-wrong answers! So long as all of us can give a reasonable explanation, no one will fault us in saying what it can be.

2.3 Not a single element:

For example, if we take the first example that of a green jade shaped in a pyramid; we may say that because it is triangle shape, much like the sharp point of a "fire" element and yet, it is made of stone "earth" and yet it is green in colour; it is also partially "wood" element.

Thus in this last example: it can also be considered as a COMBINATION of : ' Fire , Earth and Wood element ';

Interesting, here. If we look at the Productive cycle of the Five Elements, this three combination is considered "harmonious"

Where: Wood supports Fire. Fire supports Earth!

Warmest Regards,

Andy Dai wrote:

Dear Master,

Is Green Jade consider as earth or wood element?

Thank you for your time

Warmest Regards,


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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