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Robert Lee

Opposite Kua between Spouse / Family

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Dear Users,

I noticed that recently there are many questions which revolves around these Qn:

  • My husband and I are opposite Kua

  • I am and East Group and my spouse is West Group

  • Different suitable directions between family members how to apply feng shui?

So I am compiling this information together to help users facing this problem to understand how to apply feng shui.


This is really a very common issue that most couples face. However, it isn't really too difficult to resolve. All you need to do is to apply the give and take solution.

ie. The house must be favourable to the Breadwinner. So the breadwinner will gain luck from the house. Then the bedroom should be allocated to the spouse so that she will be able to draw luck from the bedroom.

The most important is to have the breadwinner having a house suitable to him/her. The rest of the family member should just have a bedroom that is suitable for them to stay in. If you follow this rule, it shouldn't be hard apply this concept.

View this link to see an example:-

URL: http://forum.geomancy.net/phpforum/article.php?bid=2&fid=1&mid=21041&new


1) Remember, that the house facing direction is determined as follows:-

  • i) For landed property (bungalow/terrace), you should take the facing of the house or property.

  • ii) For apartments (2nd-7th level), you should just stand at the center ofyour main door looking outwards. This is the reading for your main door.

  • iii) For apartments (8th level and up), you should take the facing from the living room/balcony facing. Just stand at your living room/balcony and take a compass reading looking outwards.

URL: http://www.geomancy.net/resources/art/art-cecilcompass.htm


Firstly, you should confirm your facing direction based on which floor or level you stay in. See above Determine House Facing Direction.

Priority for the house to be suitable to the breadwinner. Then the other person to stay in a suitable bedroom.

1) For the Breadwinner (ie your spouse):-

a) Should have the house in his suitable facing(avoiding Death or Disaster)

b) If the house is not suitable, then at least must sleep in the most suitable bedroom.

c) If both above cannot be achieved, then you can only attempt to improve your luck by making sure you correct all the feng shui leaks in your house and enhance your own ba zi luck:-

URL: http://talk.geomancy.net

2. For all other family members:-

a) The house need not be suitable to them. All they need is to stay in the bedroom sector that is most favourable to them.

Anonymous wrote:
Sleeping position: S - death for me; longevity for him (feet face bedroom door - tomb position)

Priority from most important to least important:-

a) House suibility to breadwinner

b) Bedroom sector suitable to the person

c) Best placement of bed based on the shape an form placement

URL: http://www.geomancy.net/resources/theories/fs-bedroom.htm

d) Sleeping on the side of the bed that is closer to your favourable sector.

e) Bed position is least most important after the above points are taken care off. If at least b), c)and d) are ok, then even if e) is in the worst position, at least it will offset the impact.


Everyone in the family will have different directions. However, what is important is that you first detemine who is the breadwinner, who is the spouse and the rest of the family.

1. The house must suit the breadwinner. The rest of the family member need not really have to be suitable to the house.

2. The master bedroom for the breadwinner should be given to the breadwinner's spouse if the two person are opposite Gua.

3. The rest of the family just needs to have a suitable bedroom for them to sleep in.

4. Each person should then be able to position their own bedroom according to the best bed position/work position/study position depending on who uses the room.

5. Colours scheme of the room should fit the single/both person using that room. Often two person will have a common element that can help improve the elements.

6. Common rooms like living room, you place furnitures that is in the best shapes and form rather than just to fit or suit any single person. As such rooms are shared between different people.


Here is the link to the free eight house report to determine what is my favourable / unfavourable elements:-

URL: http://www.geomancy.net/reports/free-report/freerpt-8h.htm

That is about all. If you apply the above method, it should not be dificult at all to find a compromise that will work for everyone

Warmest Regards
Robert Lee
GEOMANCY.NET - Center for Applied Feng Shui Research

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Guest Mandy

Both my spouse and I make nearly equal income. How do we decide which one of is us the breadwinner?

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1. These has nothing to do with arguments on equal rights or fairness.

I am MRS TAN or Tan-Lim Ah Lian:-

2. So long as tradition applies: for quite sometime still it is the main male breadwinner with the following exception:

2.1 When a child is born, the child will carry the male's surname. Thus if the son's name is Tan Ah Kow.   Everyone knows the father is Mr Tan. Until the day a Chinese family child takes the Surname from the mum, then one can consider the main breadwinner as the wife.

2.2 The only exception in Singapore is if a child was born from a wedlock, the government may consider the mother's surname as that for the child. Anyway, if she is single mum; definitely, she may still be the main breadwinner in a single family home.

2.3 On many occasions: an announcement is made: Mr and Mrs so and so. Where got Mrs and Mr so and so. If the day, comes with the later announcement, then perhaps the female can be automatically the main breadwinner.

3. About self-esteem or "FACE".

3.1. In a traditional Chinese family, even if the wife earns more... but in many situations, usually the wife often give "face" to the husband.

4. Thus, even today, the common practise is that the male-head should often still be the main breadwinner even if both earn the same amount.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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Case Study: How suitable is this house?

1. Under Compass School - East House concept: it is great if both partners belong to the same group.

A. Both Partners are East Group persons:-

1.1. Thus it would be good if Mr and Mrs say belong to the East group. If this is so, then virtually your question of who to consider as the breadwinner of a home. 

1.2. Ideally, here, ideally for this couple, their ideal home should be facing North, South, East and SE.

B. Mr is an East Group person while Mrs West Group. May consider a house that is "fair" to both partners:

2. In this sample illustration: 


3. Let's look at the 3rd Choice Stack #6. 

3.1. A poor score of 1.5/8 = 18% out of 100%. 

3.2. This means that this home is highly unsuitable to Mr (Male breadwinner).

3.3. But if Mrs is considered as the main breadwinner; instead, her score would be 6.5/8 = a high score of 82%.

3.4. What this means is that this house is either very good to Mrs or very bad to Mr!

4. Thus if one were to use the Eight House suitability and if there are two breadwinners; then isn't it better to chose a home that has a score of 4/8 = 50%? Like the above 1st Choice or 2nd Choice?

P.S. Please note that in real life Feng Shui; a Feng Shui master would also be looking at many other factors, such as external and internal Shapes and Forms; Flying Star Feng Shui as highlighted in the layout review as shown above.

In summary it is still skewed towards the male head:-


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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