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Dear Amy,

Amy Lee wrote:
I am considering starting a new business. Would it be helpful to use a business name that complements my BaZi? I am a strong yin fire who needs more water and earth. Metal is my wealth element.

To a small extend the name that complements your bazi will certainly help. However, in business the business model and demand/supply for the service you offer is equally important.

To add a business name with more Earth, choose an English name beginning with a, w , y, e or o. To add an English name with Water, choose an english name beginning with b, f, h, m, or p. To add an english name with Metal, choose an english name beginning with c, q, r, s, x, or z.

Often there is no harm to choose the name that can fit your bazi, or even the logo design that has colour scheme/shape that is auspicious. All these will play some part in your overall success. The rest will then depend on your own hard work.

Hope that helps.

Warmest Regards
Robert Lee
GEOMANCY.NET - Center for Applied Feng Shui Research

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