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Can feng shui copper ruler be used to eliminate the shar from 2 and 5


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Dear Anon,
To understand better, #2 is Strong Earth and #5 is Strong Earth. 2 is sickness and 5 is misfortune. Both combined is very inauspicious.
In order to destroy this strong metal combination, ideally one should use Six coins as coins represent metal element and Six represents `Big metal'.
A Feng Shui ruler made of copper can help but is considered less effective than six ancient coins particularly those with square holes. Which is a traditional Chinese coin.
Ideally, one should use the traditional Chinese copper coin with a square hole at the centre is to ensure that the square gives strength from within to the Chinese `ancient' coins.
For the copper ruler, it also depends on how large it is.
Although the ancient Chinese copper coins seems difficult to get, it can easily be purchased as it is widely produced.
My advise is that it is best to use the `proven' 6 ancient Chinese copper coins. Only at the last resort, you could try to use the ruler.
Warmest Regards,

On 10/17/99 3:05:57 PM, Anonymous wrote:
Dear cecil,
Can one use feng shui copper
ruler to eliminate the shar
from #2 and #5. Is there any
truth in this. Thanks.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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