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Feng Shui for Botannia Part II

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1. As mentioned, in my earlier comments, those units circled in pink, should have NO problem even with the toilet bowl. Such units should be able to easily "weather" the "leak".

2. Yes, the additional WC can easily be removed. And one can apply for a one time check so that one no longer pays the conservancy charge for the extra WC. In terms of the Feng Shui, it is a better choice not to have this additional WC (if it is not fully needed).

3. For a partition, these are some common guidelines:-

3.1. Avoid placing shoes in the partition cabinet.
3.2 Avoid circular designs for the partition
3.3 Avoid placing a reflective glass facing the main door
3.4 A partition should if possible based on good Feng Shui ruler dimensions: the smallest is 35inches and often the most optimium is approximately 42 inches or more ...
3.5 Avoid having the partition slice thruANY part of the passageway.
3.6 Contrary to popular believe, the partition need not be fully air-tight. For asthethic,it should preferable be at least the same height or higher of the main doortop-frame.
3.7 Avoid placinga three-beam partition - especially if it resembles three joss sticks praying to the dead.
There are more considerations.. and these are some of them...

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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