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Consultation Example - Why use us?

Why use our service?

  • You will get professional help from Cecil Lee who is a FULLY QUALIFIED Feng Shui Expert well versed in all aspects and has a deep understanding of all the various Feng Shui techniques)
  • You will get a comprehensive analysis of your home:
    • covering all areas of analysis from your exterior environment, to your interior design, to room-by-room analysis until you are 100% satisfied with the explanations. (We usually advice our clients to start noting down points to ask even before, you start taking up our service)
    • get a in-depth into understanding about yourself, your family and how to enhance and even improve therelationships.
    • a complete analysis with two personalised visits to your home
    • a complete understanding with a `helicopter' view of the full complete understanding of yourself, each member of the family and your home in relation to it's Feng Shui and your personal self awarness to improve on.
    • You will get a range of your personalised comprehensive detailed reports for your reference.
  • You will also get Excellent and Committed After Sales Support, either by calling Cecil on his personal HP: (65) 9785-3171 or Fax: (65) 6482-0570 or the e-mail.

Our Onsite Audit uses the following Feng Shui Theories:-

  • Shapes & Forms (Exterior of the house)
  • Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi Feng Shui)
  • Eight House
  • Flying Star (Xuan Kong Fei Xing)
  • Shapes & Forms (Interior of the house)


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