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Water-Ram: 1883, 1943

Is intelligent, charming and sociable. Is conservative and hates changes. Enjoys social success because he is a ruthless manipulator and great at flattery. Never short of friends who do his bidding. Tries to avoid trouble and is reserved and selects his loyal companions carefully. Leads an easy life and is a surviour.

Users Comments
...Fabulous Website! Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.NetHi

I am currently planning to purchase a resale HDB, and chanced upon your website for feng shui advice. I must say, you guys have done a FANTASTIC job! Its comprehensive, not too difficult for a newcomer to understand, and certainly, it did help me in determining the stuff I should look out for when buying a flat!

I am now considering to get the self help, full audit or on-site package.... how would I know which is more suitable for me? - Tan Tuesday, 15 July 2003