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Tiger - Chinese Horoscope


The tiger is highly regarded in China with almost magical powers to keep thieves and ghosts at bay. A Tiger person is "born to command and not to obey". 

Tigers are charismatic and dynamic. They are courages and respected even from those that oppose them. Tigers are "fighters" and stand up for what they think are right. 


A Tiger person is courageous and dynamic and independent. Are committed in doing things and completing it. 

Tigers are warm, sincere, honourable and humours. Tiger person is also tolerant, understanding and generous and are capable of great generosity and a good friend to have. They enjoy a good social life and sentimental and enjoy family life. 



Tiger person is capable of making implusive decisions and this may prove disastrous. They are generally optimistic but should they sink into a depression, it is harder for them to recover. 

Tigers are rebellious and unpredictable, always tense and in a hurry. If you are around a Tiger person, do expect a roller coaster ride. 

Tigers are also ill tempered, egoistic. Enjoys taking risks but must learn not to rush things without due consideration. They like grand tasks but do not check details. They usually like to operate alone and does not like anyone to challenge them. 

Hates to obey others and dislikes interference.




Order of Animals


Hour ruled by Tiger

3rd Hour, 3.00 am to 4.59 am


3rd Moon


1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1974, 1986, 1998


Early Spring



Western Zodiac


Ruling Planet


Lucky Gemstone




Famous Personalities 

Marilyn Monroe (Fire-Tiger), John Steinbeck (Water-Tiger), Karen Carpenter (Metal-Tiger), 


Will achieve success early in life but will meet with obstacles as he is usually arrogant.

Refrain from acting on implulse or it may result in financial loss.


Both Male and Female are possive and career minded and this may result in tension at home.

Excellent match :


 Paring best avoided :


 In some instances, be more understanding and tolerant :


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