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Singapore Commercial Feng Shui Consulation

Singapore Onsite Commercial Feng Shui Consultation

Information Needed from you

Arrange an appointment date for an on-site visit to take measurements and access the Feng Shui. On this visit, furnish Master Cecil Lee with:-

 Layout Plan of the office
 Date of Construction
 Date & Time of Birth for each business partner

Who will conduct the audit?

Master Cecil Lee will personally visit the premises and the entire consultation and assessment will be done by him in 2 visits.

 Learn more about the full details of his visits
 Example of our Full Singapore Consultation

Time Frame

 5-7 days (if you require urgently); if not 7-10 days after measurements have been taken.

Master Cecil Lee will fix an appointment with you to be on-site to go through a room-by-room explanation. This is a very detailed briefing and often takes more than 4 or more hours.

Detailed & Comprehensive Explanation

After the detailed briefing, you will get to safe-keep:-

 Detailed recommendations and matters to take note of in future
 For new homes the auspicious date(s) for start of renovations and shifting into your new office in accordance with the direction of the house and life-readings

Detailed and Comprehensive Reports

You should get an average of hundreds of printed details.

 Proposed Layout Plan for desk / office arrangement
 Full & Comprehensive 120-yearly Life Reading (Ba Zi) for each family member [Sample - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3]
 Career with Wealth or Power Analysis [Sample]
 20-year & current Year Flying Star Analysis [Sample]
 Summarised Group Analysis Audit Report indicating each individual's  favourable / unfavourable and wealth element. Includes how suitable is the office and the crucial binding element especially for both the partners.

Committed After-Sales service

We will continue to provide after-sales services (additional clarification, auspicious dates for moving in, office name selection review etc) to you at no additional costs.

Flexible Payment Method

Payment can be by Cash / Personal Cheque or even by Credit Card.

Affordable Pricing

With our International presence and extensive network, we are committed to giving you the best value 100% worry free quality audit for your premises.



Type of House


Sole Proprietor (Shop/Office)

SGD $588

Partnership (Shop/Office)

SGD $888

CEO / Senior Manager Room Consultation

SGD $888

Office Relocation / Renovation

SGD $888

Others Customised services
please call (65) 9785-3171



Any Questions? Call Master Cecil Lee at (65) 9785-3171 for more information or to arrange an appointment. Or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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